Thursday, July 30, 2009

Loads to Update...

Wow do we have a lot to update... Well first of all we have had three ultrasounds since I created this site. On the first one there were three sac and yolks... yes that is right, three. We were told not to expect all three to make it but of course my loving husband Michael stated they did not know our The second ultrasound we saw three strong little heart beats, and on our last one we saw three beatutiful little babies kicking there feet, waving at us, and squirming all around.
I have to admit I have been very surprised at Michael's reaction. I thought for sure he would be a little nerve racked but he seemed just as happy as a clam, and the excitement on his face after this last ultrasound was just heart melting. I can't wait till he feels the babies kicking. It has to be hard on the other partner. They don't experience all the physical changes going on inside so I would imagine it might not feel as real to them this early on. Though with having triplets I have been showing for a couple of weeks now and is noticeable to everyone.
My goals: To get to 35 weeks before delivering our precious cargo, and as close to 5 lbs as possible. I know those might not be easy goals but I am commited to do everything I can to achieve them.
For anyone who is pregnant with twins or higher order of multiples I suggest a great book called twins, triplets, and Quads by Dr Barbra Luke. It is filled with tons of information and special considerations for moms who are pregnant with multiples. Most of the success stories I have heard, have started with recomending this book.
Next week we go to see our parinatologist who will take care of the four of us for the rest of the pregnancy. I'm excited because then we can get a lot of our questions answered such as: bedrest possibilities and timeframe, due date we are shooting for, growth monitoring, and so on. We will also be getting another ultrasound and the chance to see our wonderous little children.
We have waited a long time for this and now that we are finally pregnant I am just over come with joy. I think it is two boys and a girl. Michael thinks it is three girls. Hopefully soon, we will be able to find out who is right.


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