Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Preterm Labor, Hospital Stay, 33 week update...

Wow, a lot has happened this week. We had been coasting without any major issues until the contractions last Wed. We started the Procardia and it slowed them down nicely but never fully stopped them. So Sunday morning I woke up, and when I was getting up I pulled a stomach muscle right around where Criton (Baby C) is. Shortly after that I noticed the contractions were about 6-7 mins apart. I did the whole drink tons of fluid, lay on the left side , etc but they just kept coming, so I broke down and called the doc who told me to get to the hospital. When we arrived we went to the labor and delivery triage. They gave me 1 1/2 liters of fluid in hopes that would slow them down but during that hour it didn't really change anything. Personally I don't think they really gave it a chance. No real cervical changes though.
After that they came in and said they were admitting us. The original plan was to start magnesium to slow the contractions (which by then they had already started to slow down), get steriod shots to help the babies lungs develop quicker, and to try to keep the babies in there for the next 48 hrs. I was ok with most the plan except the mag. It is a really rough drug that I would have been on for at least 48 hrs and my contractions had already started to slow after getting more fluids. So my doc compramised... get the steriods, admit to hospital, but instead of mag he let me try taking my Procardia every 4 hour to see if that would get them back under control.
After each 4 hr Procardia dose the contractions became less and less. My last contraction was Tues about 4am, and I haven't had one since (knock on wood). Babies were all looking great and the ultrasonographer from my docs office came over and did there biophysical profiles which everyone passed with flying colors. I got 4 shots of dexamethasone (the steriod for there lung development) and then they let me come home. The first day there I had some really negative interns and nurses. Basically saying they babies were coming, I was going to stay in the hospital for the duration, we wouldn't be able to stop the contractions with just procardia, etc. It wasn't just prepairing for the worst, it was more like this is the way it is going to go, type conversation. They all kept saying how great it is that we had made it to 32 weeks with triplets and we should be ok with 32 weekers. Well I wasn't, and was not giving up on them yet. Possitive thinking paid off. No one expected us to do so well or to go home, but here we are! Never underestimate the power of possitive thinking.
I am glad to say that my personal Peri was awsome through this. He came in on Monday to talk with me before he went off call and was being very upbeat, hopeful, and supportive. with my over night progress he still though I might get close to my goal of 36 weeks. After all the negative people I really needed to hear that.
So here we are, Wed morning, no contractions, the babies have been moving like crazy, and everything seems to be going really well at the moment. I am still very tired and sleeping a lot but it's all good. The babies are still cooking so life is all good.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Preterm Labor

Well keeping my fingers crossed wasn't enough. I started having contractions yesterday morning about 8-12 mins apart. They weren't painful, just felt the tightening. After several hours of drinking water and laying on my side, my peri finally had me come to the office. They said my cervix was long but dilated to 1. They didn't seem too worried about that but I am freaking out about it. Anyway, I started Procardia and strict bedrest yesterday. So far it seems to be helping. After about an hour of taking it I don't have any contractions. Then after about 4 1/2 hours I start to have some again until my next dose (I take them every six hours).

They still seem hopeful that we can make it to 36 weeks, so we just have to try and stay positive and keep praying. Strict bedrest is really hard. I hate asking people for every little thing, and everyone seems so busy with their own stuff. I suppose it could be worse... there was a good chance that they were going to put me in the hospital until this was under control.

We'll keep everyone updated!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Almost 32 week appointment...

Well we will be 32 weeks on Christmas Eve! So far everything is still coasting. All the babies passed their biophysical profiles again today (breathing, heartbeats, and movements) and everyone is looking great. Everything on the mommy side is doing great too. The normal aches and complaints for being 32 weeks with triplets such as: they are crushing my lungs, it is getting hard to move around, the belly is a little sore, etc, but nothing too bad. If things continue to go this well we might even make it to 37 weeks... that would be so great. Keep your fingers crossed for us! Other then that no real news. Everyone at the office thinks we are doing fabulous and we couldn't ask for more.
It will be sad not to go to the lake for Christmas this year but I keep telling myself that next year we will be going with 3 little, almost one year olds, so it is all good.
Michael can't wait till they get here and he can hold and play with them. It is cute to watch him get so excited. It seems like the closer we get, the more excited he gets. Miche is about the same way. She keep poking the belly telling them to grow
Soon... 4-5 more weeks and we will be there. I just want to make it that long and bring home fat and sassy babies. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Carseats, Cars and the growing family....

Well we finally got around to seeing if the carseats would all fit in my husbands truck. It is a Chevy K1500 with a large extended cab (almost crew cab size). They fit perfectly! I had a feeling they would. I think we still might see if they would fit in our Impala but I don't think they will. It doesn't really matter though because he rarely drives the Impala since getting his truck, and he will be the one driving home from the hospital.
We do plan on buying a full sized used van in Jan-March area of next year (2010). We are waiting till then so we can save enough to just pay cash for it. I have really loved the last two years without car payments and don't want to acquire another one at this point.
I want the full sized van because we do a lot of traveling to see family and such, and with five kids we need the space. The larger van will not only accommodate the whole family but also do it in an extremely comfortable manner. We had mini van once that was modeled after the large luxury full sized vans (4 captains chairs, large bench seat in back) and loved it. The only issue was that we really wanted it to be a little larger inside. So that is what I will be hunting for.
I will keep you all updated on what we buy when we get there.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Stare...

Well I have officially been getting "the stare" due to the belly size. The girls at the gas station the other night were trying to figure out if I was really really overdue to more then one baby. The counter girl at Five Guys (mine and hubby's favorite place for lunch after the doc office) asked how many were in there because she knew it had to be more then one. (In all fairness to her, she has seen us every other Tues for almost two months, thus has watched the belly grow). If I go to the store, everyone seems to stare at the belly now.
I wonder if other triplet moms went through this? I realize the belly is huge, it still amazes me how big it has gotten, but is it that much of a novelty? For me it just means less and less sleep each night and inability to move very well at all. I guess I can't complain though. First off, at least I can move some, which is better then none. Secondly, the babies all had really good weights and we are striving for 5 lb each. You take the good with the bad.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

31 week Doctor Appointment...

Technically we are 30 weeks and 5 days. Everything went well.
Baby A (Caitlin) weighs 3 lbs 13 oz. Baby B (Haley) weighs 3 lbs. 6oz. Baby C (Criton) weighs 4lbs.
The doc says they are right on target. Everyone passed their first biophysical profile (8/8), and did it fairly quickly. For those of you who do not know, this means that all the babies are practicing breathing, making big movements, and doing fine movements.
I am officially boring to them now. Even the peri (Doc) who is overly cautious told me today that no mom carrying triplets at 31 weeks should be doing as well as I am. They even hooked me up to the monitor to look for contractions (I had one when the babies all started getting restless and moving) and said it was uneventful. I just hope our luck keeps holding out and we remain uneventful until 36 weeks (our goal).
One bad thing though is that it took so long at the doctors office that my blood sugar dropped while I was there. I got really shacky, dizzy, sweaty, and felt sick to my stomache. I will have to remeber to pack something next week in case of delays. I do not want a repeat of today.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wild Mornings...

The babies are getting more and more active as the days go by. This morning they let me sleep until about 8am which I was highly greatful for. Usually they want to get up and play around 4am. I wonder if that will continue once they are born? The 4 am playtime that is.
I still can't believe we are looking at only 5 more weeks. One of the nurse practitioners at my peri's office keeps saying that most likely something will happen before our 36 week goal to make us deliver, but on the other hand the pregnancy has gone so well, we just might make it there. I hope we do.
I can't wait till Tues to see how big they are. It's funny because now all I have to do is lay next to Michael and he can feel them kickin' and squriming. I have to admit I think I might miss that a little once they do come, even though at times it is a little painful when they are all up and

Thursday, December 10, 2009

30 weeks...

We have made it to 30 weeks. It is hard to imagine that this much time has really passed. It wasn't that long ago when we first found out we were pregnant and then that it was three. The belly is absolutely massive (we'll get a new belly shot up soon) and the kids are just moving like crazy. My quite little Haley has turned into my tumbler. I think she just might be our little gymnast. She is constantly rolling around in there. Criton just seems to be constantly kicking, moving, and causing a ruckus. Caitlin is at the bottom of the pile and she just seems to be trying to get as much room as possible. I don't think she likes to be squished. I wonder if that will make her claustrophobic later in life? There are some movements, like the odd wave sensation, that I just can't figure out what they are doing, but it does seem like they are playing together in there.
I can't wait till they get here and we are able to hold them and watch them interact with each other. Next summer they will be about six months old and enjoying weekends at the lake, maybe even on the boat. Then next Christmas they will be almost one and able to tear into their gifts. There is so much to look forward to. So much that I can't wait to see. So much growing to watch and videotape. Before any of that though, they have 5-6 more weeks of growing in the belly. I keep saying I can't imagine it can get any bigger, and it seems like every morning we have gotten bigger. I can't wait till Tues when we get to see what their weights are now.
For now I will just keep cuddling and talking to our little ones.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

30 week Doctor Appointment..

Technically we are 29 weeks and 5 days, but since I turn 30 weeks on Thurs they count this as my 30 week. All the babies looked good on ultrasound and we get weights next week. It is funny, they are so big now that it is hard to tell who's limbs are whose and get good clear pictures. I suppose that is a good thing. Next week they start Biophysical profiles on each baby. Basically each baby has 30 mins to show them they are practicing breathing, big movements, and fine/ small movements. Hopefully these guys keep up their usual activity and it won't take the whole 30 mins. Normally the ultrasonographers have a hard time because they are always moving and turning now.
Cervix is still measuring over 4 and no funneling which has amazed everyone. They said today I have been the only triplet mom in years that hasn't had a cerclage. They also are amazed that we don't have any steady contractions and that we are on no meds to helps with that or my Blood Pressure (BP is great).
Now to the bad... My dinner sugars (2 hr after dinner) have been the 120's since going on the glyburide... so he wants me to take another 2.5 at dinner as well as my one in the am. I am not sure how I feel about this. Also I went almost a month gaining nothing and then this week (after starting the glyburide) I gained 7 lbs. It didn't occur me to ask them about it until I got home, but I wonder if this has to do with playing with my sugars?
All in all everything is going great and everyone is pleased by the progress.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Criton Dancing??

Well I have been feel some odd movements the last couple of days, and mostly from Criton. It feels like a lots of little waves. Are they dancing? Are they trying to do the wave? Are they laughing? Do they laugh in the womb?
I would love to be able to see inside to know what this movement was. To think, hiccups were the fascination prior to this
Tomorrow is another doctors appointment. Maybe Criton will do that while she is looking at him and I will get to see what this movement is.

Dancing Phalanges!!

No Snow!!

I have found an advantage to being on modified bedrest... I won't have to drive in any snow or ice this year. Be a passenger, yes, but I won't have to actually drive through it. This is the first winter I can remember that I haven't had to drive in that mess.
The dogs have had a ball this morning playing in the first "wanna be" snow fall (maybe about 1/2 inch). It's so cute to watch them. I can't wait till they are knee deep in it and trying to tackle each other.
What do you think about when you think of winter? What memories jump to mind?
I can't wait till these little ones are old enough to go sledding and play in the snow! It is going to be great.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

4 am Play Dates...

Ok, so I have been noticing a pattern here. If I wake up about 3-4 in the morning for my bathroom break, inevitably when I go to lay back down the kids get up. It's not just one either, it is all three kicking, squirming, and turning. This goes on for about a half an hour to an hour then they settle back down and go to sleep.
Now, I am ecstatic that they are moving and playing, but since they have gotten so big, I can't sleep though it. Which means I am lying there awake, with nothing to do, as they have their 4 am playdate. I love them and want them to stay in there till 36 weeks, but when we reach 36 weeks I will be very happy to have my body to myself
I miss sleep....

The Yellow Mile...

Before I got pregnant I would sleep though the night without any problems. When I was out, I was out to the world. It was great. Since being pregnant though I get up on average about 2-3 times a night, which is really tiresome.
Well last night was a break point. I am exhausted and the bathroom is roughly about 30 feet from my bed. I woke up about 3:30am, sat on the side of the bed for a few moments, and then flopped to my side. I didn't want to get up for anything, but three little people playing on your bladder tends to make the decisions for you. I made a silly joke to my husband when I finally dragged myself up (he is a very light sleeper so I woke him up). I said this was my Green Mile... like from the movie. He just laughed and said no, it was my yellow mile. I couldn't help but giggle about it because not only did it fit, he just sounded so cute saying it.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

28 week check up...

We are 28 weeks (just a couple days shy of 29). Everyone still seems pleased with the progress, cervix still 4.2, babies look good, and nothing to really report. I think I bore them. My Peri did decide to put me on 2.5 of glyberide (blood sugar medication) even though all my sugars look good (100-118 two hours after meals). He said it would at least give me something to do... to be honest I don't think he was joking. They did an A1C to see what my sugars did before now and it came back great. Sometimes they don't make any sense. Depending on which one I see is depending on what they want to do. Craziness... but as long as the babies look good and and are healthy, that is all I care about.
We will get weights on the 15th... I am so excited to see how much they have grown! The belly is now measuring 43 weeks (3 weeks over a fullterm size) so surely they are getting big. My hope is that they are all above 3 lbs by then.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Online forums...

First off there are not that many online forums for people with triplets and higher order multiples. Then there are even fewer that have people actively chatting. The biggest one is Tripletconnection which I have been active in for awhile now. I get frustrated at times though for two reasons:
1) Negativity. It seems to only be a few people, but those few people can be very mean and cruel at times. That ill will not only causes people to shy away from the forum but it also intimidates others so they are too scared to post questions or concerns in fear they will be made fun of or put down. It is really heartbreaking to see this go on, especially in a place that is supposed to help others. Some will say "that is just life" or "you won't like everyone you meet" but I don't buy it. You have the option to comment or not. If you are spouting mean and hurtful comments, you are doing it deliberately and for that intent. Now there is the possibility that someone took what you said wrong, but that is a much less common occurrence and is more apparent. With just a tiny bit of communication this is resolved easily.
2) It seems, at least lately, there are not many actively talking pregnant moms out there. It is cool to hear and learn from all the ones who are going through the infancy and above phases, but when you are pregnant it is nice to talk with others in the same boat too.
Perhaps I am just frustrated today. Perhaps I feel slightly lonely without anyone to really chat with. Perhaps I am tired of mean people. Perhaps I am just bored.


I hate Monday's but not for the reasons you would think. My husband is a network administrator/ web guy, but he has worked from home for the last 4-5 years. For the most part I can't complain, even when he has a lot going on and works until 9-10pm every night for weeks. For even though he is working those long hours we still get to see and interact with him a little. Monday's though are a whole different story....
Unlike most normal computer people who take their Sat and Sun off, 99% of the time my husband checks his servers and other projects every morning, including Sat and Sun. Then if he finds an issue he corrects it before going about his day. Now you would think this would prevent "bad Monday's" but somehow it does not. For some reason (and most of the time that reason is an outside issue) Monday's are horrible. It starts out with some major catastrophe which ensues a lot of phone calls, pacing, and general frustration... Eventually everything gets solved and he gets everything running smoothly again but by then all happiness for that day seems to be squeezed out. Mentally he is burnt.
Now some might ask why this effects my hating Monday's... Well first off I am a fix it person. I always want to help fix things. It can be a bad thing at times and I have worked hard to try and squash it in me, none the less it is there. I can't help him fix it though which is frustrating. First off I am not a computer whiz like he is, so I don't really get how it all works. Give a human body and I can do wonders, but computers are not my field.
Secondly, most of the frustration is waiting for someone to fix something on their end. My husband has a very strict work ethic, and he is a lot more knowledgeable about everything then the people he deals with. So when he has to wait around half the day (or several days) for someone to complete "simple" tasks or fix something on their end so he can get thing back to the smooth point, it gets very frustrating. No one likes to watch their loved one pull out their hair and not be able to help. Wow... maybe that goes back to that whole "fix it" complex...
The thing I don't get... why is it always on Monday's!
I suppose it is worse right now because I am on leave from work which means I am here ALL the time watching this. Before I was at work Mon, Wed, and Fri (being a nurse is nice) so I only had to witness this for a brief time and by the time I came home everything was better. I wish I could help but all I can really do is lend moral support and sympathy. I don't think it helps much but at least I try.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hitting the first Wall?

I say hitting the "first" wall because I am sure over the next two months I will experience more walls that I will have to climb over. My Wall: Well sleep seems to be elusive. I can't lay flat anymore, the upper part of my body has to stay elevated otherwise I can't breath. The belly is so large now that it is getting sore and extremely hard to find any position where it is comfortable. The babies are staying up till midnight to 1am "playing" in there so I get even less sleep. Then to top everything off I have a small cold. All in all, I don't think we are doing too
Ok, seriously, we are not doing too bad, even though the above issues are a little annoying. The babies are moving great, everyone at my doctors office is amazed at how well we are doing (no meds, cervix is excellent with no changes, very mild contractions are few and wide spread, no problems), and their weights are great so far. I have also gone a week now without having to take the Zofran which is wonderful since I hate taking pharmacuticle medications. I don't think I could ask for much more.
I am still hoping to make it to 36 weeks. 32 weeks is the average and that would be christmas eve, but 36 weeks gives us the best chance of no NICU time and that will be the middle of January, so that is what we are shooting for. Little less then 8 weeks now!
Things I am looking forward to after the babies are born (besides the babies): Sleeping on my stomach again. Being able to get back into my own shoes. Being able to lay down and not feel like I'm suffacating. Being able to snuggle up to Michael without trying to figure out a way around the enitity (the belly). Being able to be comfortable in general. Having the energy to do things again.
I know these sound like such trivial things but when you are 28 weeks pregnant with triplets, these little things seem like a

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone we are unable to be with this year. We are thinking of all of you and hope this day brings you lots of laughter and joy!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

27 week Doctor Visit...

Well we are 27 weeks and five days today. My cervix is measuring 5.0 with no funneling which is excellent, still just some spuratic contractions, blood pressure is still doing good, and they are happy with the blood sugars. Everyone is amazed that I am not on any medications (just vitamins) and how well we are doing. This Thurs we reach our first milestone, the 28 week mark!
It makes me really happy to hear them say how well we are doing and no real issues. It gives me hope that we can reach our goal of 36 weeks.
All the babies seem to be doing great and they saw both the girls practicing breathing again which is excellent because they have started early. They start biophysical profiling around 30 weeks which means they watch each baby for certain movements and practice breathing.
Not really much to else to tell. We go back next week and will get our tour of the NICU then. I am just crossing my fingers that none of them will need to be there once they come.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Well after going through the new pictures this was the only good one. It is of our little Haley. Her face is on the left hand side staring out. 8 more weeks to go (to get to 36 weeks) till we get to hold our little ones. We are so excited!

(ultrasound at 26.5 weeks)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

26 week Dr appointment...

Well we are actually 26 1/2 weeks but they seem to round down when looking at numbers. Criton (Baby C) seems to keep the lead in weights, he is 2lb 5 oz. Caitlin (Baby A) is at 2 lb 3oz. Little Haley is 2lb. That means they are all still right with/ above the 50th percentile in weights which is great. The cervix is measuring 3.9 which is still awesome (needs to be 3.5 or higher) with no funneling. I did talk with them about about my blood sugars and no one could explain why when I ate more my sugars were better. They said they won't get concerned anyway until the sugars are above 140. So I continue to monitor. All in all though they said we are doing excellent. So that makes me happy. :) They also said I am the only triplet mommy in the office that doesn't have a cerclage which is amazing.
You can tell they are starting to feel tight quarters in the belly though. They were not near as crazy moving as usual and they were invading each others
They did catch breathing movements on the girls though which is really exciting. They usually don't start checking for that until later on (about 30-32 weeks), they just happened to see it while measuring this time.
Next Thurs (Thanksgiving) we reach our next milestone... 28 weeks! That is our most important one as far as good outcomes for the babies. The next two will be 32 weeks, the average time triplets are delivered, and 36 weeks, where we are hoping to get to. It seems crazy that we are getting so close now. Not too much longer and we get to hold the little guys... I can't wait!
I will post some new picture shortly.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Update: Frustrated and confused...

Well the dietitian has no idea what is going on. She can't explain why my sugars went up while on the diet and then went to normal when I went back to eating exactly like I was before all this. All she said is, "maybe your body needs extra carbs". Needless to say I have serious doubts about this diagnosis. I go to see the doc tomorrow and plan on a long discussion on this subject and hopefully get some answers. As for now the dietitian said to throw out everything she said and to continue to eat the way I had been before they intervened, and to continue to check the blood sugars.
I wish I had more experience with gestational diabetes so I could answer my own questions, but gd is very different then type I & II. So I suppose for now there are no real answers, but hopefully tomorrow we will figure this out.

Frustrated and confused...

I am so frustrated and confused right now. I went to my gestational diabetes class on Friday, got my meter, got my meal plan, etc. My fasting blood sugar (right after I wake up is supposed to be between 74-106... then 2 hours after meals it is supposed to be between 60-120 (under 140 if done 1 hr after a meal).... I started following it to the letter on Friday and my sugars were: 120 (1.5 hours after breakfast), 96 (2 hr after lunch), and 124 (2 hours after dinner). The next morning I had trace ketones in my urine which for gestational diabetes means your not eating enough and can be very bad for the mom. So Sat I followed the meal plan again : Fasting blood sugar was 103, 2 hours after breakfast it was 132, 2 hours after lunch it was 124, and 2 hours after dinner it was 111. I felt hungry all day long Sat even though I followed the plan and was snacking. Sunday morning my ketones were higher again (between small and moderate). So I talked to Michael and decided to say scratch the meal plan and go back to eating the way I was before this diet. Low and behold there was a huge change. Fasting blood sugar was 95, 1 hr after breakfast 154, 2 hr after lunch 107, 2 hr after dinner 109, NO ketones at all this morning (Monday), and fasting blood sugar of 100.
It doesn't make any sense... following their diet my sugars were worse and I was spilling ketones which is bad. Not following their diet and going back to my regular eating my blood sugars are lower and no ketones at all. Am I missing something here??
Anyway I am going to try and get a hold of the dietitian this morning and figure this out then I will update all of you. Just needed to vent a little.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Frustating Doctors Visit...

I am kinda irritated with my doctors office today. First off they had booked way too many people, and come to find out Wed mornings are there cardiology days. So they book tons of people and cram them all in the am. So it was about an hour and a half waiting in the waiting room before getting called back. That was my first frustration... sitting in those uncomffy chairs and being huge with triplets is not fun. Caitlin is still laying across the bottom and when I sit up she has hissy fits and starts kicking all over the place, so needless to say she was not happy about the wait either.
Then they were supposed to measure all the babies today ( a full scan) but the woman who booked it did it wrong so there wasn't any time. So I have to wait till next Tues to find out weights. I know it seems kinda petty but we haven't checked their growth for almost a month now and I want to keep close tabs on it to make any diet adjustments as quickly as possible so we have big healthy babies. Needless to say I was very unhappy about the whole visit and will never go back to Wednesdays again.
All the babies looked good though and their heart beats were fine. Cervix measured 4.2 with no funneling which is awesome, and Fri I go in for my gestational diabetes consult/ education so we make sure we stay on track with that.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Movers and Shakers...

It amazes me how much the kids are moving now. Criton (Baby C) is still our most active but the girls are not far behind. One fascinating thing is when they are rolling over now (especially Haley) they tend to "pop up". Basically you can see and feel a round protrusion of either a head or butt. It is the craziest and most wonderful thing.
I do have to say, having three in there moving around can be a little painful though. Not like sharp pain, but more of just heavy pressure when they turn over and such. I won't complain though. As long as they are moving, I know they are doing well :)
I can't wait till Wed to see how much bigger they have gotten! We will get new weights this week.
Michael and I can't wait till they come out and we can see and hold all of them, but we want to make it to 36 weeks. That is 10 more weeks. Can you believe we only have 10 more weeks?! It's hard to believe we have been pregnant for almost 26 weeks. It just seems like it has been flying by. I wonder if the next 10 will be the same.

Friday, November 6, 2009

25 week Doctors Appointment

Well my appointment on Wed was really crazy. The doc told me I would have my 3 hour glucose test done this time so I decided to go in a little early. Lucky that I did, because no one else knew anything about it, and it was done in the lab downstairs not the office. So for three hours I was running from the lab downstairs, back up to the office for my ultrasound, then back down to the lab, then back up, then back down. Needless to say I was exhausted and the test should have been scheduled for a non-appointment day. Because of the rush on everything all they did was check my cervix and heartbeats that day. The cervix is excellent 4.5. The babies looked so much bigger on the screen this time so I am excited to know their weights next week. Everyone looked great though so we are thankful for that.
I got a call from the doctors office yesterday morning saying I failed the glucose test. My sugars were just slightly higher then the cutoff so it isn't bad but they want me to see the dietican there and start checking my blood sugars at home for the duration of the pregnancy. I have never had Gestational Diabetes before with my other pregnancies, and my blood sugars have always been great on my annual checkups so this was a little shock. It mainly has to do with my body not being able to produce enough insulin for all four of us, and it more common for moms of multiples.
I'll admit I was pretty upset about it though. Mainly because the day before everyone was saying how great we were doing and amazed at our progress thus far without any real compilcations. In my head this was a major complication because I never had it before. It was silly. My sugars were barely up and I should be able to control it very well with some minor diet changes. It doesn't mean that there is something wrong or I won't be able to reach my goals with the pregnancy. I am so thankful for Michael though. He was so supportive and wonderful while I had my irrational breakdown. I don't know what I would do without him. He is my rock through everything.
We are on weekly docotr vists now because I am measuring full term now. Crazy... just two weeks ago we only measured about 30 weeks. The babies must have had a big growth spurt :)
We'll let everyone know how big they are next week!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Shopping for Three

I wouldn't have thought it would be hard shopping for three but have found it to be challenging. I have three "to get" lists. One is the "Priorities List", these are the absolute essentials we need to bring the babies home. The second is the "Need List", this list contains the things that would make life really nice with the triplets. The third is the "Want List", it's all those little items you just want but don't need. I think we have been doing really well thus far. We have just about completed on the priority list (more bottles, receiving blankets, and winter sleepers are the only things left) and we are slowly dwindling down the other two. We even have a nice little stock of formula, diapers, and wipes going on.
I think what causes the challenging aspect for me is finding everything. I have become an avid bargain hunter which has really served well in this situation, but with babies it takes some new twists. When craiglisting for carseats, beds, and items like those you have to be very careful about their age, condition, recalls, safety issues, etc. Then price becomes a consideration. If you could buy the same item new for just $10-20 more (depending on the item), the better deal is probly with the new. If you take the time, hunt around, and are careful, you can get some really great buys. We got all three carseats for $20-25 a piece and our first baby bed (4 in 1, barely used, with excellent matress) cost around $75.
If I were to give advice to a newly pregnant triplet mom it would be: Take your time and bargin shop. Craigslist can be a great resource to find really good deals on quality items. Some times Goodwill will have something worth while. Other people love Ebay, especially looking for baby clothing lots (a huge batch of clothing being sold together). Garage sells, consinment shops, or places like Once Upon A Child can be good places to find some really good stuff too. I know there are some people out there who buy everything new and thats what they want, but in today's economy I think there are a lot more people trying to stay within more constrictive budgets. With triplets that means saving money buying certain used items so you have the money to spend in other important areas and to save. That is my two cents at least. (Yes, they are are some items like bottles, pacifers, etc that need to be bought new)


Above is our 24 weeks belly shot. Yes, the belly is now it's own

Below is a picture of the three car seats we picked out for the little ones.

Below is three new pictures of the nursery. Michael refinished the dresser and made the shelf above it. He is also working on converting the top of the dresser into a changing table area, and putting new flooring in. So far we only have Criton's bed in there, but once we get the girls their beds and put them up we will take new pictures of the completed nursery.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Being pregnant with triplets is a lot different then with singletons. Instead on a "due date" you get milestones. Your first one is 20 weeks. Usually once you've past 20 weeks the threat of miscarriage is gone. The second is 24 weeks. At 24 weeks there is about an 85% survival rate if the babies were born at this point. They call it the viability point. Your next milestone is 28 weeks. Babies born after 28 weeks generally do not have long term disabilities due to the premature birth, and generally the survival rate is excellent at that point. Now your last milestone (or milestones) is about when to deliver. I have a goal of 36 weeks. At 36 weeks they should be big and healthy enough not to need NICU time and can come straight home. Triplets on average are delivered around 32 weeks, so this last milestone is more of a personal one.
Today we have hit our 24 week milestone and are thrilled!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Miche as Alice in Wonderland Corrutped by Mad Hatter!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

(Miche dressed up as Alice in Wonderland after being corrupted by the Mad Hatter)

Pictures of the Nursery

Ok, so we have most of the nursery walls done so I figured I'd start with those pictures. Each babies name is on a different wall and their cribs will be under their name. As we complete other projects in there/ move the furniture in, we will take more pics for everyone to see.

The above picture is of the window curtain (picture is sideways)

Personality Thread.... Baby Movements

Wow... We are 23 weeks and 4 days now.
Criton is still my most active baby, but then again he has taken up a whole side by himself. I still think he is going to be the "leader" and get the girls to follow in his adventures. Michael still thinks the girls will cook up the schemes and convince him to go do them... We'll see.
Now both the girls are fairly quiet until he gets goings but their movements are different. Haley rolls a lot. I get kicks and jabs from her too, but she tends to have the big rolling over moments several time a day. Other then that she still seems like our most quiet one.
Caitlin is below/beside Haley with her head down close to the cervix, so needless to say when I am sitting up and lean forward is when she has mad fits. She'll start kicking/ moving her little arms like crazy until I sit back.
They move around quite a bit now and Michael is able to feel them now which has been really cool. Swimming days are the craziest though. After floating around the pool for an hour or two, they go nuts in there for the rest of the day.
I can't complain about any of it though... because as long as they are going wild in there, that means they are doing ok.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nursey in Progress... & Baby Movements...

Well Michael has been working hard on the nursery in his off time this past week. He got it all painted last Sunday, and we went for a light blue/ green (I'll post pics later so you can see the color), and most of the week we have been discussing where to go with the design. Tonight we marked out where all the cribs and furniture will go, put some fun characters on the walls, hung the picture that used to hang in his nursery, and plotted out some more artistic touches and shelving needs. I will start posting "progress pictures" as we keep working to complete the project. Needless to say we are both having a lot of fun with this.
On a side note Michael felt his first baby movements a couple of days ago. Criton was being crazy active as usual and Michael was finally able to feel a kick! It seems like we have been waiting forever so he could feel them. His face just absolutely light up and my heart melted. He has been such a great Dad to my two children and I know he will be outstanding with these three.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

22 week ultrasound

Here is the best one of Criton (Baby C)... He was just too squirmy to get much of anything, but is an ok profile pic.

This is a picture of Haley's (Baby B) back as she was turning away from

Here is a picture of Haley's (Baby B) foot. She seems to really love to show us her feet. I joke with Michael that she is going to love her feet like he does.

Here is a good profile picture of little Caitlin (Baby A).

In the center of this one you can see Caitlin's (Baby A) face looking out. It's like she's looking right at the camera... and it looks like she got a little chubby

Doctor Visit/ Baby Update

Wow, I can't believe this is my first October post! Our last doctor visit (2 weeks ago) wasn't very eventful. Though they suggested I find an indoor pool and swim often to help with pressure and muscle pain. Miche and I went to an indoor pool close to here last Thurs, and it was an experience. After about five mins in the water the babies were moving like crazy, and it continued all day long. I do have to say that being in the water was great though, especially on my back and lower abdomen.
Now on to this weeks appointment... Today I am 22 weeks and 5 days. The average weight for a singleton, 23 week fetus is 1.1 lb... Caitlin (Baby A) is 1.1lbs today, Haley (Baby B) is exactly 1.1lbs, and our big boy Criton (Baby C) is weighing in at 1.3 lbs! I had been praying that they were all over a pound at this weigh in... and they are! My cervix of steel is still holding at 4.9 which is beyond wonderful since cervical shortening is what causes a lot of the early births. Everyone still thinks the babies and I are doing just great which always makes me happy to hear. Heaven knows they are active
It's kind of wild to see them turning, kicking, etc on the ultrasound screen and feel it at the same time. Criton was still being our mover shaker. Anytime she went to measure or take pic he just had to move around. Hailey completely turned her back to the camera once we got over her. Caitlin was pretty cooperative but was a little squirmy herself. I love to watch them though. It's crazy to think in about 3 more months we will get to hold and touch them. Time is just flying by.
Michael has been working hard on the nursery this week. This is the first time either of us has set up a nursery so we have been really excited about it. My two older kids basically roomed in with me in the beginning months and didn't have their own "nursery". I'll post some pictures when we get closer to finishing it.
Other then that, same orders... rest more, drink more, keep eating, and doing what we are doing.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Check Lists...

It's funny how things come down to check lists. Mentally we have been checking off what we have gotten and what we still need to get. It's nice to have months to prepare for an event though, because you can get everything in stages and have time to hunt for deals. I just finished getting the last car seat today. We spent a total of $75 for all three, and they are all really nice Graco's. Next major item to hunt down... bouncy seats.
We have been working a plan on diapers, formula, bottle, and wipes. Every time we go to the grocery store (1-2 times a week) we pick up one of these items. Upon realizing that we will be five months along this week, I have decided that we will probably start beefing that up to 2 items each trip. My goal is to have enough newborn diapers, formula, and wipes to last the first couple of months, and spreading it out like this really helps with cost. I am also going to have to start getting the cloth diapers piece by piece soon, but it will be quite awhile before they will fit into them. To me, it makes it a lot easier to spread it all out like we are. Usually I am a "get it all at once" kinda mind set, but this way makes it a lot less stressful.
I have never been the great financial person, although I try really hard, but with the babies coming I have been trying to make a lot of changes. We are using spread sheets to keep track of all the bills, groceries, gas, etc. It is really making a difference and Michael is ecstatic because now he can clearly see where everything is going and timing of the bills. I would recommend this to anyone regardless of kids or not. I hope to get Miche and Jasper doing it as well when they start working so they get the hang of all this early on. I never had that type of guidance in fiances until I met Michael and it is harder to get it down when your older.
Well off to go lay down for awhile... gotta love modified bed

Friday, September 25, 2009

Doctors Appointment 18 weeks 5 days

Well everyone is doing great! All the babies weigh about 8 oz which is right on target. It's funny in the beginning we judged how they were growing by length, now it is by weight. Everyone is moving around like crazy and they have change positions... They are all head up and feet down and they have lined up across the belly. Criton is on the right side, Hailey is in the middle, and Caitlin is on the left.
Since moving next to Criton Hailey has started to become a mover and shaker. The girls had a hard time getting her to sit still for
Unfortunately Michael still hasn't felt them move, but I have a feeling (or hope) that it won't be much longer. The belly is huge (and has become it's own, and they move more and more each day.
It is definitely hard to do certain things now and I get worn out very easily. I can say, without any doubt, that everyone is right, this is probably going to be one of the hardest things I ever do but so worth it in the end. We are so excited and can't wait to hold our little ones.
January 14th is our 35 weeks marker. Although triplets tend to come earlier (around 32 weeks) I have talked with several triplet moms who went to 35-36 weeks, so it is possible. Our personal goal is to make it to 35 weeks. I would love 36, but at 35 we have a great chance of no NICU time and bringing the babies straight home with us, which is the goal.
For now Michael continues to be the food Nazi (trying to get me to eat everything and anything). I don't think I'll ever make it to the 4,000 calorie mark but I get close and everyone is growing well so I feel good about it.

18 week 5 day Ultrasound Pictures

Our tiny Caitlin...

Here is little Hailey...

And rough and tumble Criton...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Personality Thread...

Michael and I have been discussing how even now, each baby seems to have started showing their own personalities. This raised some questions... Do babies start developing their personalities before they are born? Will these certain "personality" traits continue when they are born, or will they change?
For example...
Criton (baby C) is our mover, shaker. He moves around the most and is the one who gets the girls riled up and going. Kinda like the instigator or leader of the 3 and seems very independent.
Caitlin (baby A) seems to follow Criton's lead to start moving but at times, by the movement, it is like she is trying to take the leading role.
I know that may sound strange to some people but when you have three little people inside you and nothing but time to pay attention to what they are doing, these are the thoughts and impressions that come.
Now our little Hailey (baby B) is our quiet one. She can get going with the other two by all means, but for the most part she seems to be more independent with her movements (not set off by the other two). At every ultrasound she is curled up and moves a little but nothing as dramatic/ frantic as the other two. Perhaps it is do to positioning, but she is on top with plenty of room around her.
Now I know at this point it is pretty much all my perception and interpretation of what I feel and what we see on ultrasound...but the question remains...
Will these end up being traits of their personalities?
So this is the Personality Thread. Anytime you see a title called "Personality Thread" it will have to do with these type of observations and wonderings. When they are born and as they get older I will continue to discuss their personality traits and compare it to our early thoughts (in uterus) to see if it holds true.
Just a tiny experiment to pass the time and curiosity.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby List

I have been asked for a baby "wish list" or "need list" so here it is...

Baby List

  1. Wonder Wraps One Size Diaper Cover

  2. Prefolded cloth diapers

  3. Bottles (Orthodontic NUK)

  4. Baby swings

  5. Parents Choice Formula

  6. Crib sheets

  7. Baby toys

  8. Receiving blankets

  9. Newborn diapers (Parents Choice at Walmart preferred)

  10. Baby Wipes

Saturday, September 12, 2009

16 week 5 day Ultrasound Pictures

Here is Baby A...
Better known as...
Caitlin Iana Kay Barnett

Here is Baby B...
They think 85% it's a girl. So here is the boy name and girl name just in case...

Girl: Hailey Jayne Barnett

Boy: Marcus William Barnett

She/he is my quiet, layed back one.

Here is Baby C...
Also known as....
Criton Michael Barnett

this is a picture of his back...

Here is a profile of Criton with his little arm and hand.

He is our and mover, shaker. He would not hold still for the poor lady to get a good look at him.
He also is the little instigator. He starts moving like a maniac and get the other two (especially Caitlin) going.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Check up!

Well we are 16 weeks and 5 days today and had another doctors appointment. Baby A and C weigh 6 ounces and Baby B weighs 5 ounces... right on target (at 17 weeks a normal singleton weighs about 5 ounces). Baby A is definitely a girl, Baby C is definitely a boy, and baby B they are now thinking 85% girl but still very uncooperative. It just amazes me how even this early and in the womb they seem to have their own personalities. Criton (baby C) is our mover and shaker... he is always moving around and kicking and gets Caitlin (baby A) going/ kicking back. Our little baby B though is our quiet laid back one. I wonder if those personalities will continue.
Everything looks great. The cervix is still unchanged which is excellent. All the anatomy of each baby looks great. So we just need to keep eating and resting.
I am officially starting my leave off work now, but I am only on modified bedrest at the moment. They did give us paperwork to get a handicap sticker and said soon I will be getting a wheelchair. I am not sure how I feel about that but I will do whatever is necissary to keep the babies growing healthy and strong inside.
I will be posting some pictures later.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sleeping... or lack of

Sleep has seem to become a relative term. I am still getting up two times a night to go to the restroom, and it seems if I am not up doing that I am up changing positions. I have never been a back sleeper I have always been a stomach sleeper, but that doesn't work when you got three little ones in there. I go from side to side all night long. It wouldn't be that bad except after about an hour or so on one side, I have to switch to the other because my hip hurts. Now some people would say invest in more pillows... but I already sleep with two body pillows and about five other pillows of various sizes and softness. I am just barely half way there and the babies will be starting their growth spurt soon, so I will have to figure something out soon. Perhaps another pillow topper on the (there are already two on there now).
It could be much worse though so I am thankful that I at least get broken up sleep instead of no sleep at all.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

15 Weeks Today!

Well today we are 15 weeks pregnant. It's funny how quickly time has started to fly since we found out. We are almost half way through already.
The Belly is large and in charge... We have been watching my belly grow larger and larger, but for some reason as I was looking at it in the mirror yesterday, it seemed to have exploded. It's like it grew tons just overnight. I think I am almost the size I was when I had Miche. Everyone told me to expect and I wasn't really worried about it, until some practicality issues started to arise. Such as, rolling out of the bed, bending over to pick things up, and various little things like that. If I am having trouble with some of those things now... what will it be like in 2 months when it is even larger. Thank god I have Michael, who takes such good care of me, and the kids have been a great help so far. I hope the big belly means the babies are growing big. With triplets they say the average birth weight is 3 1/2 to 4 lbs. I am really hoping for 5 lbs each. The larger the baby the better off they will be.
Eating is the key... For the most part I am eating soups, deli sandwhiches, salads, and a lot of fruit. I tried eating those Hebrew hotdogs since my doc said I could only eat Kosher hotdogs, and I don't really care for them. They taste like a wierd sausage. I can't wait to have real chilli dogs Anyway, they have pushed my stomache up so far I am finally getting on the schedual Michael has been pushing for... eating every 2 hours, because I can only eat little bits at a time and the kids want more then that!
Well it is off to feed the whole brood this time (dinner time).

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Babies are a Rockin...

The babies movements and active time has increased. I am feeling them a lot more now, unfortunately Michael isn't able to yet...hopefully any day now. It seems that Baby A and B invade each others space more and baby C has got all the room. Little does he know that soon they will all be crowded together.
The Belly is stretched already and is a little achy. Makes me a little worried about the coming months of how it will feel. I have heard all types of comments about the pregnancy supports from other multiple mom's and they say none of them are really any good past 4-5 months. So Michael and I are talking about making our own that will work. I'll let you all know how that goes when we get there.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Personal Reflection

Today has been a day of personal reflection for me. The first night I met my wonderful husband I knew there was something strong there, and it did not take long to know I would spend the rest of my life with him. He is my home. He is the very definition of love to me. I have grown so much within our love and he gives me that deep seeded peace, that we as humans, long for. The outside world has put forth many challenges for us, yet we always come out the other side stronger then before. Life is never easy, but I know with him, I can get through anything. It fills me with a deep sense of warmth and amazement when I think about the fact that I am carrying three little people that are a mix of both of us. At times it is almost euphoric. I know it will not be easy, having triplets, but I also know that together it will be a wonderful life.
To his family: All of you have been beyond anything I could have imagined. You showed me a different side to "family." You welcomed my children and I into your family with open arms, you have supported us through so much, and have taught me a great deal over the years. You have raised a man that is truly the best husband and most fantastic father. You have given him a strong sense of family and devotion to family. Being a part of your family has meant a great deal to me and I can not express enough thanks for letting me be a part of that. I look forward to many more decades of laughter and joy with all of you.

Monday, August 24, 2009

14 weeks and 4 days

Today was eventful... I have been having this lower pelvic pressure all weekend and wasn't sure if it was normal or not. I called the Doc last night and they wanted me to come in today to get checked. It turns out everything is great and the pressure pain is just due to the weight of the uterus/ babies.
They did start checking for the sex of the babies today. They said it helps them keep better track of who is who. They are pretty sure that baby A is a girl and baby C is a boy... baby B is a little more difficult and she thought it might be a girl but was really ify on it. They said they will keep checking to make sure. I am ecstatic! We wanted a mix of both so much and it looks like we'll get it.
All heartbeats were great. Baby A was fisty and all over the place, B and C were sleepy and just rolling here and there... but everyone is great so we couldn't be happier.
I couldn't believe the size of my uterus though. It is about 3 inches above my belly button now and the belly is huge. We will have to get some pictures of it up here soon.

Diaper Testing

We are still going to do the cloth diapers but most I have found only fit 8lbs and up. With triplets there is no way they will be 8lbs, so we have conceded to use the disposable until they get to 8 lbs. Which means we had to look at all the different disposable options.
I never liked Pampers so those were out from the start. With Jasper I started out using Huggies until they changed to the cloth outside and I hated them. So I switched to Luvs. I absolutely loved Luvs and used them for my daughter as well. So, of course, the first pack of diapers I picked up were a pack of newborn Luvs. When we got home I took one out to investigate it, and of course they have changed over the years. Not badly but different and the price was good. So I figured that would be the diaper we used until Michael and I went shopping yesterday.
We went through the baby section and ended up in the diaper area where we started discussing at looking at all the diapers. They had a generic brand called Parents Choice at Walmart. It was 6 more diapers per pack and $3 less. Now if it was just one baby that might not make a big difference, but with triplets it adds up quickly. Now when buying anything generic we are kinda careful because there are things that the old saying comes into play, "you get what you pay for."
So we decided to buy a pack, bring it home, and test them ourselves.
The Test... First we took one from each pack and compared them by feel. Miche and I thought the Luvs felt softer. Michael said he felt the Parents Choice was thicker. So we went onto the wetness test. We took red colored water and a measuring cup to do this experiment. We started with 1/3 cup of liquid in each. Both absorbed it well but the Luvs you could feel a slight wetness on the inside surface which would be next to the baby. The parents Choice was bone dry. So we tried another 2/3 cup... The Luvs did not hold up much at all. It was extreamly wet feeling on the inside and if you pushed down the liquid came to the surface. The Parents Choice, surprisingly enough was still bone dry on the inside and out. It floored us. We didn't think it would hold up to the Luvs, and instead it surpassed the Luvs by a lot!
So from our experiment we have decided to get Parents Choice diapers until they are big enough for cloth.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Babies On The Move....

Well I have been feeling the babies move for about a week now. Each day they seem to get a little more active. Michael still can't feel them although the other night he thought he felt baby C give a small thump :) I seem to feel B more when I am up and about, and they all seem to get going when I lay down to sleep. It always seems to go that way with any pregnant mom. At least it is not big movements yet so it is not that big of a deal. I am sure in a month or so I will be singing a different tune.
So far so good with everything. We go back next week for another ultrasound, measure everyone, and get a check up. They have said bed rest just depends on how we are doing but I will have to stop working at 20 weeks. That's in 6 weeks! Everything seems to be flying by so quickly.
Hopefully we will find out who is a boy/ girl next week. We have our guesses going and want to know who is many choices!

Maybe it is because I had my first two children so young, or perhaps that we have made the world more complicated, but there seems to be way too many items to choose from. You sort through review after review to see what others have said about certain products. You look to see what is recommended most. You even prod those who have had children recently to help guide you in choosing the right type of bottle. Does this sound crazy to anyone else besides me? Truly, it does not need to be this complex. Ultimately the babies are going to decide what they like and what they will use...they always do.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Baby Bed and Doctors Appt

Well we found a really great deal on a baby bed yesterday. They'll stay altogether in this bed until they are about 2-3- months old, then they will have to go into separate beds. That's the time most triplet moms say the kids start rolling, kicking, and wake each other up.
It's strange, I see the babies every 1-2 weeks on the ultrasound, heard the little heartbeats, and even have started to feel the little flutterings of them, but for some reason once Michael got the baby bed all put together it just felt more real. It doesn't make any sense in my head but it is what it is.
I had another doctors appointment yesterday. Everyone is doing great! Baby A heartbeat was 157, Baby B was 157, and Baby C was 158. The cervix looked great with no changes and my blood pressure was up slightly but still in a decent range. They don't seem to be too concerned about it right now and my 24 hr urine came back great (to check for spilling protein..a bad sign for the blood pressure). My iron and calcium were a little low, which they said was normal for carrying triplets. So I am starting iron pills twice a day and have to boost my calcium intake.
Everyone has been really pleased with my progress so far so that makes me happy. I worry a lot. I think a lot of that has to do with being a nurse and knowing way too can be a hinderence at times.
Our next appt is in 2 weeks. Then they will do another full scan on the babies and we will get more pics :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Morning Sickness...

I never really had morning sickness with my other pregnancies, but let me tell you... carrying triplets brings on a whole new meaning to morning sickness. Since about week 7 I have been so sick, all day long. When it got to the point that I couldn't eat my doctor prescribed Zofran. At first it took me 3 pills a day to make it through the whole day. Now I take one first thing in the morning and 4-5 times a week I take a second in the afternoon/ evening. I tried going a a day without it (I was out) and it was worse then before and I couldn't hardly keep water down. I have just concieded that Zofran and I will be friends for quite awhile. It's funny how having more in there can have such dramatic differences.
MD appointment tomorrow for a check up on everyone. They said I will be in there every 2 weeks and then later on it will be weekly.

Belly Wonders...

I had my last child almost 15 years ago and I have never been pregnant with multiples before, but some days it just feels as if aliens have taken over my body. My food tastes seem to have dramatically changed. I love seafood but last night I made a huge seafood dish and then after a few bites I had to back off. It just didn't taste good to me at all and everyone else thought it was really good. Of course that is just one example but it has been like that with a lot of things. Michael just laughed and said it was part of him in there (and he has different tastes then I do). One of his favorite sandwiches is peanut butter and bananas...he suggested I try that next (I never cared for it before)
We are one day away from 13 weeks and I am huge already. They tell me that by the time I am 20 weeks that I will be the size of a full term belly. I don't mind so much, just wish I could sleep for more then 3 hrs at a time without having to get up and rearrange pillows and positions.
I couldn't ask for a better husband through all of this though. Michael has been great at helping me with everything, getting me up, taking care of all those little needs, and a great support/ cheer section. I will feel bad for him when I go on bedrest though...I think it will be rough doing all of it on his own and taking care of me. Hopefully I won't get any strict bedrest though this, then I can get up and do some stuff here and there to help.
Miche wanted to homeschool this year, so after a lot of researh and family debate we have decided to give it a shot. We got all her school books yesterday, and even found some ways to allow her to continue her studies with Japanese. She is excited about the arrival of new baby brothers and sisters. She keeps telling us she is going to take them over, and we just laugh saying after two nights she is going to be hiding in her
Jaz has been practicing driving, and from what I hear he's doing good. If all goes well he will joining the military in Oct this year. He can't wait...I just hope he stays safe.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baby Registry

Well I have never done one of these before so it was interesting to say the least. Off to the left right below the intro you will see a link to our baby registry. We did it at Babies R Us for convince but the prices are a little steep. It does gives everyone who is curious an idea of what we are looking for though, so I suppose it serves it's purpose.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

11 Week Ultrasound of the triplets

The baby on the left is baby C at 11 weeks (baby A is on the right)

This is baby B at 11 weeks

This is baby A at 11 weeks

Now my husband thinks that A is a girl, C is a boy, and he is unsure about B...
I think A and B are boys and C is a girl....
Anyone else want to guess before we find out for sure?

Cloth Diapering

Well we have been doing some research. Since we have found out there are three little guys joining the family, we have been looking at ways to cut costs all around. One of the things we have been looking at recently has been cloth diapers vs disposable. Now with my other two kids I used disposables and never really thought about it. Through our research I was astounded by the cost difference. For the first 3 years of disposables, for triplets, the cost would be around $10,000! That blew us away. The cost of cloth diapering all of them would end up around $2000 total... that is an $8,000 savings. So after a lot of looking around, reading some forums of cloth diapering moms, we have decided to go this route. Will it be easy? No. Will it create more work? Yes, but it will be worth it in the long run.
I think the route we will try first is the pre folded diapers with the fitted diaper covers, and disposable inserts. We'll let you all know how it goes!

Doctors Appointment

Well we had another doctors appointment yesterday. The babies look great and everyone is doing well. We got the "triplets" talk...the good, the bad, and the scary. Most of it we already knew because we have been researching it since we found out so we are as prepared as possible. The doc mentioned something though that caught us both off guard. The is a procedure called a transabdominal cerclage that they highly recommend to prevent preterm birth. Basically they make a large incision in your abdomin (maybe large because we have triplets?), then pull out the uterus, tie the end of the cervix that is closest to the uterus, and then put everything back. They said that even if I had preterm labor, that the cervix would not open if we did this. Well Michael and I talked about it quite a bit and came to the conclusion that we will not do this. Even though they say they have had great success and haven't lost a baby yet... that's yet. It also sounds like a hard surgery while being pregnant, especially with triplets. We will do the bedrest and whatever is required of us instead. There is just too much risk in our minds for the other and a study was done with almost 3,000 women who have never been diagnosed with incompitent cevix (as I have not), carring triplets, and found this proceedure made no difference in this group of patients.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Loads to Update...

Wow do we have a lot to update... Well first of all we have had three ultrasounds since I created this site. On the first one there were three sac and yolks... yes that is right, three. We were told not to expect all three to make it but of course my loving husband Michael stated they did not know our The second ultrasound we saw three strong little heart beats, and on our last one we saw three beatutiful little babies kicking there feet, waving at us, and squirming all around.
I have to admit I have been very surprised at Michael's reaction. I thought for sure he would be a little nerve racked but he seemed just as happy as a clam, and the excitement on his face after this last ultrasound was just heart melting. I can't wait till he feels the babies kicking. It has to be hard on the other partner. They don't experience all the physical changes going on inside so I would imagine it might not feel as real to them this early on. Though with having triplets I have been showing for a couple of weeks now and is noticeable to everyone.
My goals: To get to 35 weeks before delivering our precious cargo, and as close to 5 lbs as possible. I know those might not be easy goals but I am commited to do everything I can to achieve them.
For anyone who is pregnant with twins or higher order of multiples I suggest a great book called twins, triplets, and Quads by Dr Barbra Luke. It is filled with tons of information and special considerations for moms who are pregnant with multiples. Most of the success stories I have heard, have started with recomending this book.
Next week we go to see our parinatologist who will take care of the four of us for the rest of the pregnancy. I'm excited because then we can get a lot of our questions answered such as: bedrest possibilities and timeframe, due date we are shooting for, growth monitoring, and so on. We will also be getting another ultrasound and the chance to see our wonderous little children.
We have waited a long time for this and now that we are finally pregnant I am just over come with joy. I think it is two boys and a girl. Michael thinks it is three girls. Hopefully soon, we will be able to find out who is right.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Baby Counter

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Welcome to our small corner of the web. We have decided to create this blog to share our pregnancy, birth, and continued journey with our friends and loved ones. Sit back because it will be a wild ride.