Tuesday, November 24, 2009

27 week Doctor Visit...

Well we are 27 weeks and five days today. My cervix is measuring 5.0 with no funneling which is excellent, still just some spuratic contractions, blood pressure is still doing good, and they are happy with the blood sugars. Everyone is amazed that I am not on any medications (just vitamins) and how well we are doing. This Thurs we reach our first milestone, the 28 week mark!
It makes me really happy to hear them say how well we are doing and no real issues. It gives me hope that we can reach our goal of 36 weeks.
All the babies seem to be doing great and they saw both the girls practicing breathing again which is excellent because they have started early. They start biophysical profiling around 30 weeks which means they watch each baby for certain movements and practice breathing.
Not really much to else to tell. We go back next week and will get our tour of the NICU then. I am just crossing my fingers that none of them will need to be there once they come.


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