Monday, November 16, 2009

Frustrated and confused...

I am so frustrated and confused right now. I went to my gestational diabetes class on Friday, got my meter, got my meal plan, etc. My fasting blood sugar (right after I wake up is supposed to be between 74-106... then 2 hours after meals it is supposed to be between 60-120 (under 140 if done 1 hr after a meal).... I started following it to the letter on Friday and my sugars were: 120 (1.5 hours after breakfast), 96 (2 hr after lunch), and 124 (2 hours after dinner). The next morning I had trace ketones in my urine which for gestational diabetes means your not eating enough and can be very bad for the mom. So Sat I followed the meal plan again : Fasting blood sugar was 103, 2 hours after breakfast it was 132, 2 hours after lunch it was 124, and 2 hours after dinner it was 111. I felt hungry all day long Sat even though I followed the plan and was snacking. Sunday morning my ketones were higher again (between small and moderate). So I talked to Michael and decided to say scratch the meal plan and go back to eating the way I was before this diet. Low and behold there was a huge change. Fasting blood sugar was 95, 1 hr after breakfast 154, 2 hr after lunch 107, 2 hr after dinner 109, NO ketones at all this morning (Monday), and fasting blood sugar of 100.
It doesn't make any sense... following their diet my sugars were worse and I was spilling ketones which is bad. Not following their diet and going back to my regular eating my blood sugars are lower and no ketones at all. Am I missing something here??
Anyway I am going to try and get a hold of the dietitian this morning and figure this out then I will update all of you. Just needed to vent a little.


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