Monday, November 16, 2009

Update: Frustrated and confused...

Well the dietitian has no idea what is going on. She can't explain why my sugars went up while on the diet and then went to normal when I went back to eating exactly like I was before all this. All she said is, "maybe your body needs extra carbs". Needless to say I have serious doubts about this diagnosis. I go to see the doc tomorrow and plan on a long discussion on this subject and hopefully get some answers. As for now the dietitian said to throw out everything she said and to continue to eat the way I had been before they intervened, and to continue to check the blood sugars.
I wish I had more experience with gestational diabetes so I could answer my own questions, but gd is very different then type I & II. So I suppose for now there are no real answers, but hopefully tomorrow we will figure this out.


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