Monday, November 2, 2009

Shopping for Three

I wouldn't have thought it would be hard shopping for three but have found it to be challenging. I have three "to get" lists. One is the "Priorities List", these are the absolute essentials we need to bring the babies home. The second is the "Need List", this list contains the things that would make life really nice with the triplets. The third is the "Want List", it's all those little items you just want but don't need. I think we have been doing really well thus far. We have just about completed on the priority list (more bottles, receiving blankets, and winter sleepers are the only things left) and we are slowly dwindling down the other two. We even have a nice little stock of formula, diapers, and wipes going on.
I think what causes the challenging aspect for me is finding everything. I have become an avid bargain hunter which has really served well in this situation, but with babies it takes some new twists. When craiglisting for carseats, beds, and items like those you have to be very careful about their age, condition, recalls, safety issues, etc. Then price becomes a consideration. If you could buy the same item new for just $10-20 more (depending on the item), the better deal is probly with the new. If you take the time, hunt around, and are careful, you can get some really great buys. We got all three carseats for $20-25 a piece and our first baby bed (4 in 1, barely used, with excellent matress) cost around $75.
If I were to give advice to a newly pregnant triplet mom it would be: Take your time and bargin shop. Craigslist can be a great resource to find really good deals on quality items. Some times Goodwill will have something worth while. Other people love Ebay, especially looking for baby clothing lots (a huge batch of clothing being sold together). Garage sells, consinment shops, or places like Once Upon A Child can be good places to find some really good stuff too. I know there are some people out there who buy everything new and thats what they want, but in today's economy I think there are a lot more people trying to stay within more constrictive budgets. With triplets that means saving money buying certain used items so you have the money to spend in other important areas and to save. That is my two cents at least. (Yes, they are are some items like bottles, pacifers, etc that need to be bought new)


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