Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Check Lists...

It's funny how things come down to check lists. Mentally we have been checking off what we have gotten and what we still need to get. It's nice to have months to prepare for an event though, because you can get everything in stages and have time to hunt for deals. I just finished getting the last car seat today. We spent a total of $75 for all three, and they are all really nice Graco's. Next major item to hunt down... bouncy seats.
We have been working a plan on diapers, formula, bottle, and wipes. Every time we go to the grocery store (1-2 times a week) we pick up one of these items. Upon realizing that we will be five months along this week, I have decided that we will probably start beefing that up to 2 items each trip. My goal is to have enough newborn diapers, formula, and wipes to last the first couple of months, and spreading it out like this really helps with cost. I am also going to have to start getting the cloth diapers piece by piece soon, but it will be quite awhile before they will fit into them. To me, it makes it a lot easier to spread it all out like we are. Usually I am a "get it all at once" kinda mind set, but this way makes it a lot less stressful.
I have never been the great financial person, although I try really hard, but with the babies coming I have been trying to make a lot of changes. We are using spread sheets to keep track of all the bills, groceries, gas, etc. It is really making a difference and Michael is ecstatic because now he can clearly see where everything is going and timing of the bills. I would recommend this to anyone regardless of kids or not. I hope to get Miche and Jasper doing it as well when they start working so they get the hang of all this early on. I never had that type of guidance in fiances until I met Michael and it is harder to get it down when your older.
Well off to go lay down for awhile... gotta love modified bed rest...lol

Friday, September 25, 2009

Doctors Appointment 18 weeks 5 days

Well everyone is doing great! All the babies weigh about 8 oz which is right on target. It's funny in the beginning we judged how they were growing by length, now it is by weight. Everyone is moving around like crazy and they have change positions... They are all head up and feet down and they have lined up across the belly. Criton is on the right side, Hailey is in the middle, and Caitlin is on the left.
Since moving next to Criton Hailey has started to become a mover and shaker. The girls had a hard time getting her to sit still for measurements...lol
Unfortunately Michael still hasn't felt them move, but I have a feeling (or hope) that it won't be much longer. The belly is huge (and has become it's own entity..lol), and they move more and more each day.
It is definitely hard to do certain things now and I get worn out very easily. I can say, without any doubt, that everyone is right, this is probably going to be one of the hardest things I ever do but so worth it in the end. We are so excited and can't wait to hold our little ones.
January 14th is our 35 weeks marker. Although triplets tend to come earlier (around 32 weeks) I have talked with several triplet moms who went to 35-36 weeks, so it is possible. Our personal goal is to make it to 35 weeks. I would love 36, but at 35 we have a great chance of no NICU time and bringing the babies straight home with us, which is the goal.
For now Michael continues to be the food Nazi (trying to get me to eat everything and anything). I don't think I'll ever make it to the 4,000 calorie mark but I get close and everyone is growing well so I feel good about it.

18 week 5 day Ultrasound Pictures

Our tiny Caitlin...

Here is little Hailey...

And rough and tumble Criton...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Personality Thread...

Michael and I have been discussing how even now, each baby seems to have started showing their own personalities. This raised some questions... Do babies start developing their personalities before they are born? Will these certain "personality" traits continue when they are born, or will they change?
For example...
Criton (baby C) is our mover, shaker. He moves around the most and is the one who gets the girls riled up and going. Kinda like the instigator or leader of the 3 and seems very independent.
Caitlin (baby A) seems to follow Criton's lead to start moving but at times, by the movement, it is like she is trying to take the leading role.
I know that may sound strange to some people but when you have three little people inside you and nothing but time to pay attention to what they are doing, these are the thoughts and impressions that come.
Now our little Hailey (baby B) is our quiet one. She can get going with the other two by all means, but for the most part she seems to be more independent with her movements (not set off by the other two). At every ultrasound she is curled up and moves a little but nothing as dramatic/ frantic as the other two. Perhaps it is do to positioning, but she is on top with plenty of room around her.
Now I know at this point it is pretty much all my perception and interpretation of what I feel and what we see on ultrasound...but the question remains...
Will these end up being traits of their personalities?
So this is the Personality Thread. Anytime you see a title called "Personality Thread" it will have to do with these type of observations and wonderings. When they are born and as they get older I will continue to discuss their personality traits and compare it to our early thoughts (in uterus) to see if it holds true.
Just a tiny experiment to pass the time and curiosity.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby List

I have been asked for a baby "wish list" or "need list" so here it is...

Baby List

  1. Wonder Wraps One Size Diaper Cover

  2. Prefolded cloth diapers

  3. Bottles (Orthodontic NUK)

  4. Baby swings

  5. Parents Choice Formula

  6. Crib sheets

  7. Baby toys

  8. Receiving blankets

  9. Newborn diapers (Parents Choice at Walmart preferred)

  10. Baby Wipes

Saturday, September 12, 2009

16 week 5 day Ultrasound Pictures

Here is Baby A...
Better known as...
Caitlin Iana Kay Barnett

Here is Baby B...
They think 85% it's a girl. So here is the boy name and girl name just in case...

Girl: Hailey Jayne Barnett

Boy: Marcus William Barnett

She/he is my quiet, layed back one.

Here is Baby C...
Also known as....
Criton Michael Barnett

this is a picture of his back...

Here is a profile of Criton with his little arm and hand.

He is our and mover, shaker. He would not hold still for the poor lady to get a good look at him.
He also is the little instigator. He starts moving like a maniac and get the other two (especially Caitlin) going.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Check up!

Well we are 16 weeks and 5 days today and had another doctors appointment. Baby A and C weigh 6 ounces and Baby B weighs 5 ounces... right on target (at 17 weeks a normal singleton weighs about 5 ounces). Baby A is definitely a girl, Baby C is definitely a boy, and baby B they are now thinking 85% girl but still very uncooperative. It just amazes me how even this early and in the womb they seem to have their own personalities. Criton (baby C) is our mover and shaker... he is always moving around and kicking and gets Caitlin (baby A) going/ kicking back. Our little baby B though is our quiet laid back one. I wonder if those personalities will continue.
Everything looks great. The cervix is still unchanged which is excellent. All the anatomy of each baby looks great. So we just need to keep eating and resting.
I am officially starting my leave off work now, but I am only on modified bedrest at the moment. They did give us paperwork to get a handicap sticker and said soon I will be getting a wheelchair. I am not sure how I feel about that but I will do whatever is necissary to keep the babies growing healthy and strong inside.
I will be posting some pictures later.