Friday, January 29, 2010

Baby update...

Caitlin is doing great now. The Prilosec seems to really be helping. No events since Tues night so hopefully we will get to bring her home on Sunday. It has been super crazy trying to split yourself between two places. It will be great to have everyone together in one spot...home.
Criton and Haley are doing wonderful. They had their first doctor visit yesterday and they are very pleased with their growth and overall health.Starting at midnight last night we took them to every 4 hours and upped their formula intake. So far it is working beautifully and the kids seem to be happier. We are not waking them for the feeds, they are actually waking up themselves right before each feed.
So far so good...
We love our little clan.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Update...

Here is a quick baby update... We will give more delivery details later, just trying to cover the basics at the moment...
Well, Criton and Haley are at home now and doing great. Everyone is still feeding every 3 hours and we are breast feeding and bottle feeding. They seem to be doing great and average 40-50 ml per feed. They are getting more alert and spending more time awake which is awesome.
Caitlin is still at the hospital. She developed pneumonia from fluid in her lungs which had resolved fairly quickly with antibiotics. Three days ago they told us they upped her fluid intake and her "new minimum" per feed was 42 ML. After the first few feeds she started throwing up and fought taking her bottles. I became very concerned and brought this up to the nurse. I was told it is fine and don't worry about all the spitting up/ throwing up, as long as she hits her mark of 42mL. Needless to say I thought that was wrong but we were suppopsed to leave Wed and see her Pediatrician on Thurs, so I figured I would just bring it up to him and we would resolve the issue. Two days was just too long. She ended up developing Reflux due to this, and devastating (not getting enough O2 at times) for brief periods. So they are starting prilosec today which hopefully will resolve the issue and we can bring her home sometime next week. Other then that she is doing wonderfully. She is bright eyed and ready to take on the world. She is our trooper.
In the meantime I continue to pump breast milk for her and running back and forth between the hospital and home. We are very exhausted but it is worth all the joy and love we feel for our three little ones.
Carrying them was not the hardest part... having them split between two places (hospital and home) is by far harder emotionally and physically then anything else I have ever been through. At times I feel as if I fail all of them because I can not split myself in two and be with them all the time. I hope and pray Caitlin comes home soon.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quick Update... Delivery...

This will be very brief but I will write a detailed version once we are home from the hospital on Thurs or Friday.
We had the babies on Jan 20th (35 weeks and 6 days). Haley Jayne was born at 1:39pm and weighed 6lbs 71/2 ounces... Caitlin Iana Kay was born at 1:40pm and weighed 6 lbs 3 ounces... Criton Michael was born at 1:41pm and weighed 6lbs 6 ounces.
Everyone is doing great. No NICU just Continuing Care for observation and Caitlin needed antibiotics for fluid in her lungs. I still am battling severe edema/ pre e stuff but am very grateful that the babies have done so well and are healthy. That makes up for anything else.
Everyone will be home tomorrow after Caitlin's last dose of antibiotics.
Thank you to everyone for all your support and encouragement.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quick Update...

Went to the Doc today and got bad news. I gained 31 pounds in the last week (all fluid) and the protien level on dip stick was +3 to +4. Blood pressure is good though and no other signs, and all the babies passed biophysical profiling with flying colors. They are admitting us today though and planning on delivering tomorrow afternoon. So by tomorrow we will have our little ones out and taking on the world! Hopefully everything stays well and no other glitches happen.
We are so excited and will update once they are here.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Long Nights...

Well another sleepless night. You would think that after three weeks or so I would be used to it but it almost seems to get worse. It is ok though because I know we are nearing the end! Soon we will get to see and snuggle our little ones.
The swelling in my lower legs/ feet have been getting worse, but my blood pressure are still holding steady. My last 24 hr urine came back in the 300's so it isn't that bad, and they didn't want to do anything. I ache all over, the skin on my belly feels like it is ripping apart, I am exhausted, and I am the happiest person in the world because we have made it this far.
It still seems a little dreamy that we have surpassed the 35 week marker. 5 more days and we will be 36 weeks. That is pretty impressive for triplets, and they have continued to stay above 50% in their weights which is also really good for multiples.
The babies still move like crazy but you can tell they feel really cramped in there. I will post some new belly pics soon so everyone can see just how big the belly has gotten... truly it is it's own
Well off to try and rest a little more...

In the Army Now...

Jasper shipped off to boot camp on Wed. He is in Georgia at Fort Benning. He decided to go into intelligence. We wish him all the best and hope he does well.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Well as of yesterday we have reached one of our large goals... 35 weeks. If we make it to next Thurs we would have reached all our goals for this pregnancy and anything else is gravy. I will say that everyday seems to bring it's own challenges. Everything at this point seems so much harder (walking around, sleeping, taking a shower, etc). I am hoping that means the little ones are packing on some poundage!
Michael tends to worry a lot about the babies and me. Mostly because I groan and moan when moving and such. It's hard not to though. All I can do is keep reassuring him that we are doing ok and that I am just being He has been so wonderful through everything and dotes on us constantly.
I think Miche and him are ready for the babies to come though. Miche comes in, pokes on the belly and tells them to hurry up and get done cooking. She really wanted babies this week. Michael is waiting patiently but the closer it gets, you can see the excitement building. It is so cool to watch the two of them waiting on the babies.
Miche decided to bleach out her hair again (it has been dark auburn for about 6 months now). She wanted to get back to blond so she could do her odd wash out colors (like pink). Right now she is at the orange phase... She plays with her hair color more then anyone I know. She can never make up her mind and stick with it. Hopefully she sticks with wash out colors for awhile. It is less harsh on the hair. I post some pics of her new hair when she finishes this transformation.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well tomorrow we will be 35 weeks!.....yay....
I am so happy we have made it this far and am really hoping to make it to at least 36 which is next Thurs. I do have to say though, the further we get, the larger the babies get, the worse I feel... I can't sleep very well at all (about 1-2 hours at a time), moving around is just exhausting, laying in bed is really hard but so is sitting in the recliner. I am just conceding that from here on out I will be miserable but if that gets us closer to larger, healthier, and take home babies, I will continue on with a smile (or as much of one as I can muster).
It's funny how Monday I felt horrible, Tues I was feeling really good, and today is another horrible day... I wonder if it will keep
Wow! I sound whinny. I don't mean to, and love the babies, just tired. Also I have some really bad stretch marks in the center bottom of the belly and they have really started to hurt. It feels like the skin is tearing apart but Michael assures me everything is intact. The lotion he gets me (palmer's stretch mark cream) really helps though, but doesn't last as long as I would like.
Well I am going to go lay down again but will write more tomorrow. Perhaps I will have another good day. Switching back and forth wouldn't be too

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

34 weeks and 5 days... Doc Appointment

Well they say everything is looking fine. The babies all passed their biophysical profiles with flying colors as usual (everyone was breathing up a storm). They don't seem too concerned with the swelling in my feet and were happy about Friday's test results. I took in another 24 hr urine today and should have those results tomorrow. My blood pressure was 122/70 something. So we are geared for another week unless something else happens before then.
I am still very cautious and watching my BP and other signs like a hawk. I want to get as far as we can but also do it safely. I don't want push anything if it means possibly hurting the babies or myself. We are keeping our fingers crossed, knocking on wood, and waiting patiently.
I will keep everyone informed about any new developments and will write more later. Must lay down for a bit I think.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Short Update...

Well I finally heard back from the doctors office about our 2nd 24 hr urine. The protein level was down to just a little over 200 which is really good. I am doing another one today and will turn it in tomorrow when I go for my regular appointment. So far so good though. Maybe we will get another week out of these little guys!
I will do an doc appointment update tomorrow when we get back.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Day... Another Issue...

Nothing is ever easy with triplets...
Well they got my test results back and the protein in my urine was measuring 500 which is really high. So I am doing another 24 hr urine today and go back tomorrow morning for more blood work.
My blood pressure is still doing ok and no other symptoms.
So we will find out what will go on tomorrow. I would really like to make it to 35 weeks but I will do whatever is safest for the babies.

I will keep everyone informed as to what happens. Keep your fingers crossed that this one turns out better.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another Week Down!!

Well we are 33 weeks and 5 days today! The Peri appointment went well. All the babies passed their biophysical profiles with flying colors and very quickly. Everyone is head up feet down (breech) which is a good thing since we are having a C-section no matter what. Caitlin (Baby A) is weighing in at 4 lb 14 oz.... Haley (Baby B) is weighing in at 5 lb 1 oz... and Criton is weighing in at 5lb 2 oz. Which means everyone is above the 50th percentile, and according to my doctors office that is really really good at this stage. Usually it drops off before now. We were hoping for close to 5 pounders so we were practically jumping for joy.
Still no contractions which is good. My blood pressure wasn't too bad 130's/80's so that was good, but the protein in my urine was up to +1 from trace amounts so I have to do a 24 hr urine today and then go for blood work tomorrow. They don't seem too concerned so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
We still hope for 36 weeks but are taking it one step at a time. Currently my goal is to get through till the next appointment (we will be almost 35 weeks then). Hopefully everything looks good tomorrow and I can make my small goal. I will let everyone know what happens.
On a side note... We feel appendages We are starting to see and make out little elbows/ hands, feet, as they stick out here and there. It is pretty wild and pretty wild to feel. I think I will miss feeling them move around in there, but then again I get to watch them grow and take on their own personalities so it is all good.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

One Thing After Another....

I am feeling slightly discouraged today. I haven't had any contractions for almost a week now....Yay!.... but my blood pressure has started to come up a little. Yesterday it was 130's/70's and this morning it was 142/90. It just seems like I get one thing under control and another pops up. I really want to at least make it to 34 weeks. Just one more week. I am feeling fine the babies are moving great.... just one more week.
Keeping our fingers crossed and resting as much as possible. I suppose that is all I can do at this point.