Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Update...

Here is a quick baby update... We will give more delivery details later, just trying to cover the basics at the moment...
Well, Criton and Haley are at home now and doing great. Everyone is still feeding every 3 hours and we are breast feeding and bottle feeding. They seem to be doing great and average 40-50 ml per feed. They are getting more alert and spending more time awake which is awesome.
Caitlin is still at the hospital. She developed pneumonia from fluid in her lungs which had resolved fairly quickly with antibiotics. Three days ago they told us they upped her fluid intake and her "new minimum" per feed was 42 ML. After the first few feeds she started throwing up and fought taking her bottles. I became very concerned and brought this up to the nurse. I was told it is fine and don't worry about all the spitting up/ throwing up, as long as she hits her mark of 42mL. Needless to say I thought that was wrong but we were suppopsed to leave Wed and see her Pediatrician on Thurs, so I figured I would just bring it up to him and we would resolve the issue. Two days was just too long. She ended up developing Reflux due to this, and devastating (not getting enough O2 at times) for brief periods. So they are starting prilosec today which hopefully will resolve the issue and we can bring her home sometime next week. Other then that she is doing wonderfully. She is bright eyed and ready to take on the world. She is our trooper.
In the meantime I continue to pump breast milk for her and running back and forth between the hospital and home. We are very exhausted but it is worth all the joy and love we feel for our three little ones.
Carrying them was not the hardest part... having them split between two places (hospital and home) is by far harder emotionally and physically then anything else I have ever been through. At times I feel as if I fail all of them because I can not split myself in two and be with them all the time. I hope and pray Caitlin comes home soon.


Brian and Crystal said...

Hang in there and DO NOT beat yourself up! We just went thru all that a few months ago! We have one that has pretty bad reflux. Not much you can do about it but make her comfortable. She will get thru it! Congradulations on hanging on to them that long!

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