Saturday, January 16, 2010

Long Nights...

Well another sleepless night. You would think that after three weeks or so I would be used to it but it almost seems to get worse. It is ok though because I know we are nearing the end! Soon we will get to see and snuggle our little ones.
The swelling in my lower legs/ feet have been getting worse, but my blood pressure are still holding steady. My last 24 hr urine came back in the 300's so it isn't that bad, and they didn't want to do anything. I ache all over, the skin on my belly feels like it is ripping apart, I am exhausted, and I am the happiest person in the world because we have made it this far.
It still seems a little dreamy that we have surpassed the 35 week marker. 5 more days and we will be 36 weeks. That is pretty impressive for triplets, and they have continued to stay above 50% in their weights which is also really good for multiples.
The babies still move like crazy but you can tell they feel really cramped in there. I will post some new belly pics soon so everyone can see just how big the belly has gotten... truly it is it's own
Well off to try and rest a little more...


Marcie said...

OMG gril, you are amazing to have made it this far. I was dying way before then. I was SO uncomfortable. You are obviously a really strong woman. I am amazed at your strength and will to keep these babies in. At this rate you'll be taking them home with you. I miss my belly and event hough you may not believe it now, you will too!

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