Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quick Update...

Went to the Doc today and got bad news. I gained 31 pounds in the last week (all fluid) and the protien level on dip stick was +3 to +4. Blood pressure is good though and no other signs, and all the babies passed biophysical profiling with flying colors. They are admitting us today though and planning on delivering tomorrow afternoon. So by tomorrow we will have our little ones out and taking on the world! Hopefully everything stays well and no other glitches happen.
We are so excited and will update once they are here.


Marcie said...

OMG I can't believe it's finally happening. You did so well. 31 pounds? Holy hockey sticks, that is INSANE! That is mor ethan I gained in my whole pregnancy. You must be SO uncomfortable. Do you have everything you need? I can't wait to hear all abou tit. take care and good luck mama!

Marcie said...

Good luck tommorow and I absolutely cannot wait to hear your update. Is there anything you need still?

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