Thursday, February 18, 2010

4 Weeks old....

Well the babies are 4 weeks old now... How it just seems like a blur of endless diapers, feedings, and 15 min cat naps that have now replaced any real
Seriously though I would not trade it for anything in the world. Criton is now over 9 lbs! and is just like his daddy... Haley and Caitlin are both about 8lb 9 oz which is awesome... they have all gained over 2lbs in the last 4 weeks which is their goal weight gain (2lb per month).
Their personalities are already starting to show and surprisingly it is close to how they were in the womb.... Criton and Caitlin feed off each other (crying wise) and try to kick at each other when side by side. Haley is so laid back but extremely alert for her age. She also loves to snuggle/ reach out and touch her siblings when they are next to is just so awesome.

Scheduals and nonsense....

The past four weeks have flown by in a blur. We have come across several minor issues thus far such as: Caitlin's reflux (and we think the other two have a mild form of reflux), severe gas issues and constipation from the Neosure formula, the babies aversion to having any type of dirty diaper (they not only get changed before they feed but also in between feedings), and my largest lesson... go with my instincts and what our babies are showing us, not what everyone else (including at times the doctor) says.
Our pregnancy was not typical even for a triplet pregnancy. So, when nothing about the pregnancy was "normal" why would I think that the babies would follow other peoples idea of "normal" once they were out....
Some of you might be thinking at this point "What is she talking about?" Well first off everyone swears by scheduals for their little ones, even the doctors. Prime example: feed every 3-4 hours, get everyone up at the same time to feed. We tried to fit them all into a little schedule... and their response was "no". We would either have one or more babies having a "melt down" moment at the same time or we were trying to force them awake to eat. Any time we try to wake them up and make them eat they get extreamly fussy and don't really eat much at all. Needless to say after almost 2 weeks of this craziness Michael and I sat down and really looked at what was going on with our little brood... that's when we decided to scratch all the craziness of a feeding schedule and do on demand feeding. For us, and for our little ones, this has worked out great. They are all around the same relative time but they are eating better and much happier babies for being allowed to be individuals in this area. Especially Haley because she tends to like to sleep longer then the other two. Does it take up a lot of our time? Yes, but then again, so did force feeding the children at specific times. Now don't get me wrong, routines like bedtime, nap time, etc are great and really help babies learn structure, just be a little flexible too.
When the gas issue came up the doctor said to stay on the Neosure and give them Mylicon drops... the drops made them throw up and didn't help and the Neosure is what was creating the issue in the first place. So we switched to a Gentle ease formula and they did much better.
I have conceded that we are not normal, and we have to go with what works for our little ones and us, despite what others may say. That would be one piece of advice to other new triplet moms in this area. Try things out but listen to your instincts and what your babies are telling you. All babies are different and what works for some won't work for all. Find what works for you. Also Doctors are not all knowing gods... question things if they don't seem right and stand up for what you believe.

Friday, February 5, 2010

2 week Doctor Appointment...

Well the babies are just a little over two weeks old now. Criton is weighing in at 7lb 1 ounce, Haley is 6lb 15 1/2/ ounces, and Caitlin is at 6lb 9 1/2 ounces. The doctor is extremely pleased in their development and weights thus far and said he won't need to see them back until they are two months old due to how well they are doing.... Yay!!
They are growing like little weeds. They are taking between 3-4 ounces of formula/ breastmilk every 3 hours. We have had some issues with gas over the last few days so the doctor told us to try mylicon drops to see if that would help. We are still on the Neosure (22 calorie formula) and will probably continue to be on it until at least their two month check up since they were technically preemies.
It's still a juggle to try and get anything house wise done in between feedings but it is getting easier.
You just have to think in priorities as far as housework and such.
I am enjoying every moment with the little ones though... even the tough ones where they are up and fussy all night due to I had to do some minor running outside the house yesterday and was only gone for about two hours but found myself missing them like crazy. I thought about how their hair smelled as they laid on my chest, their little grunts, they way they wrap their tiny fingers around mine... going back to work when it is time is going to be very hard for me this time. I missed them terribly just for that little bit of time and I do not think that it will go away any time soon.
It is snowing like crazy outside now. Everything is white and beautiful... as long as you don't have to go out in it. Thank goodness we did our running yesterday and stocked up.
Well it is time to be off and get some stuff done. For those who I have not called yet... my apologies. We are just so busy right now that being able to sit and have a five min phone conversation is a little hard at the moment, but we will get their very soon.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are we awake yet?

It has been about 3 days now since everyone has been home together. Last nights dishes are still next to the sink. There are about 15 bottles on the counter waiting to go in the dishwasher (I just made them last night). Clean laundry is still in the laundry baskets and there is more to be washed. The kitchen floor needs to be mopped due to the dogs getting their feet dirty when going outside. And the only thing I know for sure is that every three hours we can be found in the nursery feeding the babies.... Life is truly wonderful and we are blessed.
I will say the first two days was really rough, and trying to get into some sort of routine was harder then I thought. Yesterday it started getting much better though and last night was a breeze compared to the others. Also a little sleep goes a long way. We had both been running on very very little sleep due to all the craziness at the end of the pregnancy, the hospital, and all the running back and forth when Caitlin was still in the hospital. We have both managed to sleep for at least one five hour stretch a piece which has helped.
All the babies are doing great. Criton is getting huge and is taking about 80mL feedings every three hours. Caitlin is taking between 65-80mL every three hours. Haley is eating around 60-70mL every three hours but I think she misses the four hour schedule. Hopefully the other two will be ready to go back to every 4 hours by the end of the week or next week. I feel bad that we keep waking her up because Criton and Caitlin aren't ready to go to the four hour yet but it got too crazy trying to keep up both schedules. She seems to take it all in stride though. Haley is definitely our laid back, go with the flow baby. She hardly fusses and is extremely patient. Criton is our eater and sleeper at the moment. Then there is Miss Caitlin... she I think will be our higher maintenance baby. She is a lot more demanding then the others when it comes to being held longer and eating first. Also when you lay her and Criton next to each other while they are awake, they squirm so they can kick each other and Haley just stays out of it watching... Interesting that that is what it felt like in the womb too...
Well gotta go but will update you all later...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby Update...

Baby Caitlin got to come home yesterday!! She spent a total of 11 days in the Continuing Care nursery (kinda like a NICU step down). She started out there for observation and fluid in the lungs. Then she developed Reflux which was causing issues. Personally I think they pushed upping her feedings too hard which, combined with the respiratory issue caused the reflux. The respiratory issue caused the sphincter at the top of the stomach to stretch ( work of breathing) and the overfeeding her caused it to stretch more, which caused the reflux. It really pissed me off since they ignored me about her throwing up for two days and then she started having the issues. Nothing can be done now, and we are just glad she is home and doing well.
Criton is getting huge. We have to change him every 2 hours otherwise he soaks his clothing. He is our fussy one at the moment but we are working through it. He is also our big eater, usually taking around 70 mL per feed. My biggest issue is that he only breastfeeds for about 10 mins on average and then wants his bottle. I suppose he is getting something which is better then nothing.
Haley is definitely our quieter laid back baby. Nothing seems to really phase her and she is so patient when she has to wait her turn for something. She is also a very aggressive breastfeeder. She does well with the bottle but you can tell she prefers to breastfeed. Caitlin loves the breastmilk in a bottle (haven't tried to let her latch yet due to her previous issues).
Miche has been an awesome help. She absolutely adores the babies and is very good with them.
It is so good to have them all together again. Now I feel like a mom of triplets. It's funny, most people say being pregnant with them is the hardest thing you'll ever do, but for me, the hardest part thus far was having two home while one was still in the hospital. Constantly running back and forth several times a day, never feeling like your giving enough to any of them, constantly worn out, and impossible to get on a schedule. Now that everyone is home everything is starting to fall into place. Micheal and I could not be any happier. We marvel at our little miracles as they lay lined up in a row and a sense of pride and utter joy washes over us. Life will be an adventure and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.