Thursday, February 18, 2010

Scheduals and nonsense....

The past four weeks have flown by in a blur. We have come across several minor issues thus far such as: Caitlin's reflux (and we think the other two have a mild form of reflux), severe gas issues and constipation from the Neosure formula, the babies aversion to having any type of dirty diaper (they not only get changed before they feed but also in between feedings), and my largest lesson... go with my instincts and what our babies are showing us, not what everyone else (including at times the doctor) says.
Our pregnancy was not typical even for a triplet pregnancy. So, when nothing about the pregnancy was "normal" why would I think that the babies would follow other peoples idea of "normal" once they were out....
Some of you might be thinking at this point "What is she talking about?" Well first off everyone swears by scheduals for their little ones, even the doctors. Prime example: feed every 3-4 hours, get everyone up at the same time to feed. We tried to fit them all into a little schedule... and their response was "no". We would either have one or more babies having a "melt down" moment at the same time or we were trying to force them awake to eat. Any time we try to wake them up and make them eat they get extreamly fussy and don't really eat much at all. Needless to say after almost 2 weeks of this craziness Michael and I sat down and really looked at what was going on with our little brood... that's when we decided to scratch all the craziness of a feeding schedule and do on demand feeding. For us, and for our little ones, this has worked out great. They are all around the same relative time but they are eating better and much happier babies for being allowed to be individuals in this area. Especially Haley because she tends to like to sleep longer then the other two. Does it take up a lot of our time? Yes, but then again, so did force feeding the children at specific times. Now don't get me wrong, routines like bedtime, nap time, etc are great and really help babies learn structure, just be a little flexible too.
When the gas issue came up the doctor said to stay on the Neosure and give them Mylicon drops... the drops made them throw up and didn't help and the Neosure is what was creating the issue in the first place. So we switched to a Gentle ease formula and they did much better.
I have conceded that we are not normal, and we have to go with what works for our little ones and us, despite what others may say. That would be one piece of advice to other new triplet moms in this area. Try things out but listen to your instincts and what your babies are telling you. All babies are different and what works for some won't work for all. Find what works for you. Also Doctors are not all knowing gods... question things if they don't seem right and stand up for what you believe.


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