Friday, September 18, 2009

Personality Thread...

Michael and I have been discussing how even now, each baby seems to have started showing their own personalities. This raised some questions... Do babies start developing their personalities before they are born? Will these certain "personality" traits continue when they are born, or will they change?
For example...
Criton (baby C) is our mover, shaker. He moves around the most and is the one who gets the girls riled up and going. Kinda like the instigator or leader of the 3 and seems very independent.
Caitlin (baby A) seems to follow Criton's lead to start moving but at times, by the movement, it is like she is trying to take the leading role.
I know that may sound strange to some people but when you have three little people inside you and nothing but time to pay attention to what they are doing, these are the thoughts and impressions that come.
Now our little Hailey (baby B) is our quiet one. She can get going with the other two by all means, but for the most part she seems to be more independent with her movements (not set off by the other two). At every ultrasound she is curled up and moves a little but nothing as dramatic/ frantic as the other two. Perhaps it is do to positioning, but she is on top with plenty of room around her.
Now I know at this point it is pretty much all my perception and interpretation of what I feel and what we see on ultrasound...but the question remains...
Will these end up being traits of their personalities?
So this is the Personality Thread. Anytime you see a title called "Personality Thread" it will have to do with these type of observations and wonderings. When they are born and as they get older I will continue to discuss their personality traits and compare it to our early thoughts (in uterus) to see if it holds true.
Just a tiny experiment to pass the time and curiosity.


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