Tuesday, November 17, 2009

26 week Dr appointment...

Well we are actually 26 1/2 weeks but they seem to round down when looking at numbers. Criton (Baby C) seems to keep the lead in weights, he is 2lb 5 oz. Caitlin (Baby A) is at 2 lb 3oz. Little Haley is 2lb. That means they are all still right with/ above the 50th percentile in weights which is great. The cervix is measuring 3.9 which is still awesome (needs to be 3.5 or higher) with no funneling. I did talk with them about about my blood sugars and no one could explain why when I ate more my sugars were better. They said they won't get concerned anyway until the sugars are above 140. So I continue to monitor. All in all though they said we are doing excellent. So that makes me happy. :) They also said I am the only triplet mommy in the office that doesn't have a cerclage which is amazing.
You can tell they are starting to feel tight quarters in the belly though. They were not near as crazy moving as usual and they were invading each others pictures...lol.
They did catch breathing movements on the girls though which is really exciting. They usually don't start checking for that until later on (about 30-32 weeks), they just happened to see it while measuring this time.
Next Thurs (Thanksgiving) we reach our next milestone... 28 weeks! That is our most important one as far as good outcomes for the babies. The next two will be 32 weeks, the average time triplets are delivered, and 36 weeks, where we are hoping to get to. It seems crazy that we are getting so close now. Not too much longer and we get to hold the little guys... I can't wait!
I will post some new picture shortly.


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