Friday, November 6, 2009

25 week Doctors Appointment

Well my appointment on Wed was really crazy. The doc told me I would have my 3 hour glucose test done this time so I decided to go in a little early. Lucky that I did, because no one else knew anything about it, and it was done in the lab downstairs not the office. So for three hours I was running from the lab downstairs, back up to the office for my ultrasound, then back down to the lab, then back up, then back down. Needless to say I was exhausted and the test should have been scheduled for a non-appointment day. Because of the rush on everything all they did was check my cervix and heartbeats that day. The cervix is excellent 4.5. The babies looked so much bigger on the screen this time so I am excited to know their weights next week. Everyone looked great though so we are thankful for that.
I got a call from the doctors office yesterday morning saying I failed the glucose test. My sugars were just slightly higher then the cutoff so it isn't bad but they want me to see the dietican there and start checking my blood sugars at home for the duration of the pregnancy. I have never had Gestational Diabetes before with my other pregnancies, and my blood sugars have always been great on my annual checkups so this was a little shock. It mainly has to do with my body not being able to produce enough insulin for all four of us, and it more common for moms of multiples.
I'll admit I was pretty upset about it though. Mainly because the day before everyone was saying how great we were doing and amazed at our progress thus far without any real compilcations. In my head this was a major complication because I never had it before. It was silly. My sugars were barely up and I should be able to control it very well with some minor diet changes. It doesn't mean that there is something wrong or I won't be able to reach my goals with the pregnancy. I am so thankful for Michael though. He was so supportive and wonderful while I had my irrational breakdown. I don't know what I would do without him. He is my rock through everything.
We are on weekly docotr vists now because I am measuring full term now. Crazy... just two weeks ago we only measured about 30 weeks. The babies must have had a big growth spurt :)
We'll let everyone know how big they are next week!


Martha Klopp said...

Hi , I just found your blog on triplet connection. I was just diagnosed with GD a week and a half ago and I know what you are feeling. Our pregnancy has been smooth sailing as well so it was a shock to hit our first road block! I've been taking my blood sugars and it's been easier than I thought so far. I can still have quite a lot of carbs without going over (breakfast is the hardest!) The one positive is at least they caught it in time for us! Hang in there! :)

LBarnett said...

Martha, I loved your blog! It sounds like you and the four extra passengers are doing fantastic. I started modifying my diet slightly since the news of GD, but my diet was pretty healthy to start with. The carbs are the hardest because I am a huge pasta I go in this Friday to the GD class and get my glucose monitor. Thanks for the encouragement and keep me posted as to how things are going.

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