Monday, November 30, 2009


I hate Monday's but not for the reasons you would think. My husband is a network administrator/ web guy, but he has worked from home for the last 4-5 years. For the most part I can't complain, even when he has a lot going on and works until 9-10pm every night for weeks. For even though he is working those long hours we still get to see and interact with him a little. Monday's though are a whole different story....
Unlike most normal computer people who take their Sat and Sun off, 99% of the time my husband checks his servers and other projects every morning, including Sat and Sun. Then if he finds an issue he corrects it before going about his day. Now you would think this would prevent "bad Monday's" but somehow it does not. For some reason (and most of the time that reason is an outside issue) Monday's are horrible. It starts out with some major catastrophe which ensues a lot of phone calls, pacing, and general frustration... Eventually everything gets solved and he gets everything running smoothly again but by then all happiness for that day seems to be squeezed out. Mentally he is burnt.
Now some might ask why this effects my hating Monday's... Well first off I am a fix it person. I always want to help fix things. It can be a bad thing at times and I have worked hard to try and squash it in me, none the less it is there. I can't help him fix it though which is frustrating. First off I am not a computer whiz like he is, so I don't really get how it all works. Give a human body and I can do wonders, but computers are not my field.
Secondly, most of the frustration is waiting for someone to fix something on their end. My husband has a very strict work ethic, and he is a lot more knowledgeable about everything then the people he deals with. So when he has to wait around half the day (or several days) for someone to complete "simple" tasks or fix something on their end so he can get thing back to the smooth point, it gets very frustrating. No one likes to watch their loved one pull out their hair and not be able to help. Wow... maybe that goes back to that whole "fix it" complex...
The thing I don't get... why is it always on Monday's!
I suppose it is worse right now because I am on leave from work which means I am here ALL the time watching this. Before I was at work Mon, Wed, and Fri (being a nurse is nice) so I only had to witness this for a brief time and by the time I came home everything was better. I wish I could help but all I can really do is lend moral support and sympathy. I don't think it helps much but at least I try.


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