Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Doctor Visit/ Baby Update

Wow, I can't believe this is my first October post! Our last doctor visit (2 weeks ago) wasn't very eventful. Though they suggested I find an indoor pool and swim often to help with pressure and muscle pain. Miche and I went to an indoor pool close to here last Thurs, and it was an experience. After about five mins in the water the babies were moving like crazy, and it continued all day long. I do have to say that being in the water was great though, especially on my back and lower abdomen.
Now on to this weeks appointment... Today I am 22 weeks and 5 days. The average weight for a singleton, 23 week fetus is 1.1 lb... Caitlin (Baby A) is 1.1lbs today, Haley (Baby B) is exactly 1.1lbs, and our big boy Criton (Baby C) is weighing in at 1.3 lbs! I had been praying that they were all over a pound at this weigh in... and they are! My cervix of steel is still holding at 4.9 which is beyond wonderful since cervical shortening is what causes a lot of the early births. Everyone still thinks the babies and I are doing just great which always makes me happy to hear. Heaven knows they are active enough..lol.
It's kind of wild to see them turning, kicking, etc on the ultrasound screen and feel it at the same time. Criton was still being our mover shaker. Anytime she went to measure or take pic he just had to move around. Hailey completely turned her back to the camera once we got over her. Caitlin was pretty cooperative but was a little squirmy herself. I love to watch them though. It's crazy to think in about 3 more months we will get to hold and touch them. Time is just flying by.
Michael has been working hard on the nursery this week. This is the first time either of us has set up a nursery so we have been really excited about it. My two older kids basically roomed in with me in the beginning months and didn't have their own "nursery". I'll post some pictures when we get closer to finishing it.
Other then that, same orders... rest more, drink more, keep eating, and doing what we are doing.


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