Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nursey in Progress... & Baby Movements...

Well Michael has been working hard on the nursery in his off time this past week. He got it all painted last Sunday, and we went for a light blue/ green (I'll post pics later so you can see the color), and most of the week we have been discussing where to go with the design. Tonight we marked out where all the cribs and furniture will go, put some fun characters on the walls, hung the picture that used to hang in his nursery, and plotted out some more artistic touches and shelving needs. I will start posting "progress pictures" as we keep working to complete the project. Needless to say we are both having a lot of fun with this.
On a side note Michael felt his first baby movements a couple of days ago. Criton was being crazy active as usual and Michael was finally able to feel a kick! It seems like we have been waiting forever so he could feel them. His face just absolutely light up and my heart melted. He has been such a great Dad to my two children and I know he will be outstanding with these three.


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