Monday, October 26, 2009

Personality Thread.... Baby Movements

Wow... We are 23 weeks and 4 days now.
Criton is still my most active baby, but then again he has taken up a whole side by himself. I still think he is going to be the "leader" and get the girls to follow in his adventures. Michael still thinks the girls will cook up the schemes and convince him to go do them... We'll see.
Now both the girls are fairly quiet until he gets goings but their movements are different. Haley rolls a lot. I get kicks and jabs from her too, but she tends to have the big rolling over moments several time a day. Other then that she still seems like our most quiet one.
Caitlin is below/beside Haley with her head down close to the cervix, so needless to say when I am sitting up and lean forward is when she has mad fits. She'll start kicking/ moving her little arms like crazy until I sit back.
They move around quite a bit now and Michael is able to feel them now which has been really cool. Swimming days are the craziest though. After floating around the pool for an hour or two, they go nuts in there for the rest of the day.
I can't complain about any of it though... because as long as they are going wild in there, that means they are doing ok.


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