Monday, August 24, 2009

Diaper Testing

We are still going to do the cloth diapers but most I have found only fit 8lbs and up. With triplets there is no way they will be 8lbs, so we have conceded to use the disposable until they get to 8 lbs. Which means we had to look at all the different disposable options.
I never liked Pampers so those were out from the start. With Jasper I started out using Huggies until they changed to the cloth outside and I hated them. So I switched to Luvs. I absolutely loved Luvs and used them for my daughter as well. So, of course, the first pack of diapers I picked up were a pack of newborn Luvs. When we got home I took one out to investigate it, and of course they have changed over the years. Not badly but different and the price was good. So I figured that would be the diaper we used until Michael and I went shopping yesterday.
We went through the baby section and ended up in the diaper area where we started discussing at looking at all the diapers. They had a generic brand called Parents Choice at Walmart. It was 6 more diapers per pack and $3 less. Now if it was just one baby that might not make a big difference, but with triplets it adds up quickly. Now when buying anything generic we are kinda careful because there are things that the old saying comes into play, "you get what you pay for."
So we decided to buy a pack, bring it home, and test them ourselves.
The Test... First we took one from each pack and compared them by feel. Miche and I thought the Luvs felt softer. Michael said he felt the Parents Choice was thicker. So we went onto the wetness test. We took red colored water and a measuring cup to do this experiment. We started with 1/3 cup of liquid in each. Both absorbed it well but the Luvs you could feel a slight wetness on the inside surface which would be next to the baby. The parents Choice was bone dry. So we tried another 2/3 cup... The Luvs did not hold up much at all. It was extreamly wet feeling on the inside and if you pushed down the liquid came to the surface. The Parents Choice, surprisingly enough was still bone dry on the inside and out. It floored us. We didn't think it would hold up to the Luvs, and instead it surpassed the Luvs by a lot!
So from our experiment we have decided to get Parents Choice diapers until they are big enough for cloth.


Lease said...

We did the same thing, but went with Pampers (since we had a ton as gifts). We then switched to FuzziBunz pocket diapers. It's crazy how much you can spend on disposables.

LBarnett said...

I know, the price of diapers can be a little unreal. Hopefully when we switch to cloth diapers we end up liking them. It will drastically cut costs.

Kristin and Anthany said...

We cloth diaper triplets. I bought 18 XS fuzzi bunz which is for 4-12lbs and 18 XS Sposo Easy AIO diapers (5-9lbs) and they worked well for the first few months while they are too small for one size diapers. I'm selling the FB now and sold all but 3 Sposos. It is definitely much cheaper to cloth diaper and you can use them on preemies. Plus, you can sell them when no longer needed and make 1/2 - 2/3 of your money back! I would recommend buying sized diapers until they fit in OS.

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