Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Belly Wonders...

I had my last child almost 15 years ago and I have never been pregnant with multiples before, but some days it just feels as if aliens have taken over my body. My food tastes seem to have dramatically changed. I love seafood but last night I made a huge seafood dish and then after a few bites I had to back off. It just didn't taste good to me at all and everyone else thought it was really good. Of course that is just one example but it has been like that with a lot of things. Michael just laughed and said it was part of him in there (and he has different tastes then I do). One of his favorite sandwiches is peanut butter and bananas...he suggested I try that next (I never cared for it before)
We are one day away from 13 weeks and I am huge already. They tell me that by the time I am 20 weeks that I will be the size of a full term belly. I don't mind so much, just wish I could sleep for more then 3 hrs at a time without having to get up and rearrange pillows and positions.
I couldn't ask for a better husband through all of this though. Michael has been great at helping me with everything, getting me up, taking care of all those little needs, and a great support/ cheer section. I will feel bad for him when I go on bedrest though...I think it will be rough doing all of it on his own and taking care of me. Hopefully I won't get any strict bedrest though this, then I can get up and do some stuff here and there to help.
Miche wanted to homeschool this year, so after a lot of researh and family debate we have decided to give it a shot. We got all her school books yesterday, and even found some ways to allow her to continue her studies with Japanese. She is excited about the arrival of new baby brothers and sisters. She keeps telling us she is going to take them over, and we just laugh saying after two nights she is going to be hiding in her
Jaz has been practicing driving, and from what I hear he's doing good. If all goes well he will joining the military in Oct this year. He can't wait...I just hope he stays safe.


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