Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sleeping... or lack of

Sleep has seem to become a relative term. I am still getting up two times a night to go to the restroom, and it seems if I am not up doing that I am up changing positions. I have never been a back sleeper I have always been a stomach sleeper, but that doesn't work when you got three little ones in there. I go from side to side all night long. It wouldn't be that bad except after about an hour or so on one side, I have to switch to the other because my hip hurts. Now some people would say invest in more pillows... but I already sleep with two body pillows and about five other pillows of various sizes and softness. I am just barely half way there and the babies will be starting their growth spurt soon, so I will have to figure something out soon. Perhaps another pillow topper on the (there are already two on there now).
It could be much worse though so I am thankful that I at least get broken up sleep instead of no sleep at all.


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