Thursday, December 24, 2009

Preterm Labor

Well keeping my fingers crossed wasn't enough. I started having contractions yesterday morning about 8-12 mins apart. They weren't painful, just felt the tightening. After several hours of drinking water and laying on my side, my peri finally had me come to the office. They said my cervix was long but dilated to 1. They didn't seem too worried about that but I am freaking out about it. Anyway, I started Procardia and strict bedrest yesterday. So far it seems to be helping. After about an hour of taking it I don't have any contractions. Then after about 4 1/2 hours I start to have some again until my next dose (I take them every six hours).

They still seem hopeful that we can make it to 36 weeks, so we just have to try and stay positive and keep praying. Strict bedrest is really hard. I hate asking people for every little thing, and everyone seems so busy with their own stuff. I suppose it could be worse... there was a good chance that they were going to put me in the hospital until this was under control.

We'll keep everyone updated!


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