Thursday, December 10, 2009

30 weeks...

We have made it to 30 weeks. It is hard to imagine that this much time has really passed. It wasn't that long ago when we first found out we were pregnant and then that it was three. The belly is absolutely massive (we'll get a new belly shot up soon) and the kids are just moving like crazy. My quite little Haley has turned into my tumbler. I think she just might be our little gymnast. She is constantly rolling around in there. Criton just seems to be constantly kicking, moving, and causing a ruckus. Caitlin is at the bottom of the pile and she just seems to be trying to get as much room as possible. I don't think she likes to be squished. I wonder if that will make her claustrophobic later in life? There are some movements, like the odd wave sensation, that I just can't figure out what they are doing, but it does seem like they are playing together in there.
I can't wait till they get here and we are able to hold them and watch them interact with each other. Next summer they will be about six months old and enjoying weekends at the lake, maybe even on the boat. Then next Christmas they will be almost one and able to tear into their gifts. There is so much to look forward to. So much that I can't wait to see. So much growing to watch and videotape. Before any of that though, they have 5-6 more weeks of growing in the belly. I keep saying I can't imagine it can get any bigger, and it seems like every morning we have gotten bigger. I can't wait till Tues when we get to see what their weights are now.
For now I will just keep cuddling and talking to our little ones.


Marcie said...

OOh congrats. I'm so happy to be watching your blog (as of tonight-hee hee). I remember everything you're going through right now and believe it or not, I so miss being pregnant.

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