Tuesday, December 1, 2009

28 week check up...

We are 28 weeks (just a couple days shy of 29). Everyone still seems pleased with the progress, cervix still 4.2, babies look good, and nothing to really report. I think I bore them. My Peri did decide to put me on 2.5 of glyberide (blood sugar medication) even though all my sugars look good (100-118 two hours after meals). He said it would at least give me something to do... to be honest I don't think he was joking. They did an A1C to see what my sugars did before now and it came back great. Sometimes they don't make any sense. Depending on which one I see is depending on what they want to do. Craziness... but as long as the babies look good and and are healthy, that is all I care about.
We will get weights on the 15th... I am so excited to see how much they have grown! The belly is now measuring 43 weeks (3 weeks over a fullterm size) so surely they are getting big. My hope is that they are all above 3 lbs by then.


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