Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wild Mornings...

The babies are getting more and more active as the days go by. This morning they let me sleep until about 8am which I was highly greatful for. Usually they want to get up and play around 4am. I wonder if that will continue once they are born? The 4 am playtime that is.
I still can't believe we are looking at only 5 more weeks. One of the nurse practitioners at my peri's office keeps saying that most likely something will happen before our 36 week goal to make us deliver, but on the other hand the pregnancy has gone so well, we just might make it there. I hope we do.
I can't wait till Tues to see how big they are. It's funny because now all I have to do is lay next to Michael and he can feel them kickin' and squriming. I have to admit I think I might miss that a little once they do come, even though at times it is a little painful when they are all up and


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