Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baby Update...

It is so hard to find the time to get on here and blog with triplets. All the babies are over 10 1/2 pounds and will probably be over 11 by their appointment next week if they keeps this up. For the past two nights the babies have slept for about 5 hours after being first put down to bed and then they pick back up their every 3 hour or so vigual... but at least we get one stent of five hours which is a godsend... hopefully it keeps up. Everyone is taking on average 4 ounces a feed, and yesterday evening they have been taking 5 ounces. Not sure if this is a fluke or a new trend.
Thurs we were able to get a little play time in the routine. Michael and I sat on the floor with the babies on their play mat and played for almost an hour. We did some tummy time, practice rolling, and just general chatting to them. It was awesome. I know in time there will be a lot more time to play and that right now is just survival mode with the triplets, but it was a good moment.
They are all smiling and I could swear I hear a tiny giggle every now and then (so waiting to hear them laugh). We are working on rolling over at the moment. Their head control is just astounding and Caitlin has got some incredible overall body strength (we think she will be the first to walk). They are very alert and pay attention to everything going on. It is amazing to watch their eyes light up. They seem to be right on target for their age...Yay!
It's funny how much trial and error we have gone through with these three to find what works for them.... Bottles, formula, diapers, soothing techniques, feeding schedules, bath times, etc. Since I had kids before you would think that it would be easy... but every baby is different. Eeven the triplets have their own uniqueness in most areas. It is amazing (and sometimes frustrating) to see just how different they are in their likes and dislikes, what works and what doesn't for each one.
None the less, we are exhausted and completely sleep deprived, but we love every moment we get with our little ones.


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