Friday, March 5, 2010

Formula and bottles.....

I haven't had much time to write lately. Triplets keep you very busy especially when you run into problems. The first problem came when we switched from buying the Parents Choice Gentle formulato the Meijer brand. On parents Choice they has gas and constipation issues but it got 10 times worse on the Meijer brand. Everyone was miserable, crying all the time, straining like crazy to get hard poos out, not sleeping well, etc. Needless to say it was a miserable time for everyone. Very stressful and severe sleep deprivation for everyone. So after a lot of research we switched to the name brand Enfamil Gentle ease formula. After 24 hours we were noticing a difference... the constipation was going away (it is fully resolved now).
Now with that being said things were still not great. Caitlin was extreamly fussy still and the gas was still really bad. Their sleep was also not that restful... constant moving/ grunting and the gas would wake them up and they would start crying. So once again I started to research things and came across a lot of people talking about the Dr Brown's bottles for colic, gas, etc. Tons of people were swearing by this bottle to fix the issues we were having so we decided to try it. Tonight was our first run and we noticed a big difference from the first feeding. These bottles are a godsend thus far. The babies are feeding within 30 mins instead of taking an hour per child. Caitlin was not screaming bloody murder for hours on end as she has been. All the babies are sleeping soundly and taking almost an ounce or more a piece.
So what I have learned.... Their is a difference in the generic formula vs the brand name, and in our case it was a huge difference. Also, bottles do matter. I would highly suggest and recommend anyone to just start out using the Dr Brown;s bottles. If you have any type of colic, gas or stomach issues...get these bottles. Bottles can make all the difference (we were using NUK's prior to this).
That is my experience thus far on this subject and the advice I can give.


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