Sunday, March 14, 2010

For anyone who has a really fussy baby, perhaps colic, or an unconsolable crying...
We have been having some issues with Caitlin screaming for hours on end for no reason except to be picked up and bounced. We had tried everything and nothing worked. Needless to say we felt at our wits end with this. Not only was she screaming but she was also getting the other two going (mostly just Criton but occasionally Haley). As usual we researched it like crazy and found This pediatricians technique is amazing and really works. It shows you how to calm a baby in seconds.... and it calmed Caitlin in seconds. I would not have believed it if I did not experience it. Also White noise (including a hairdryer) works wonders for keeping them soothed. So for anyone who runs into this issue this is a must check out thing. If it worked for us I know it is real and not just another worthless gimmick. You can also find vidoes on it and learn the technique on youtube. It involves swaddling, turning them on their side while holding them, making a shush noise near their ear, lightly shaking (like a shiver), and giving them a pacifier all together. The videos can show/ explain it better, but it does work. Caitlin has been sleeping peacefully and isn't spastic when she went down or woke up for bottles.
Hope this helps some of you.


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